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3.3k · Dec 2017
Not alone
Cause they're around
Not lonely
Chooses not to be

Wasn't fake
Felt the sincerity
Apple of my eye
That's what you are

Clearer sight
When we're together
Very comfortable yet
Some envy us

Soft and lovely
Like sand and waves
Calm and warm
Picture you as the blue sky

Truly no harm
Wish you're mine

In the heavens
2.4k · Jan 2019
Same place
Different faces
Same path
Different paces
Same promises
Different lips
Same heart
Different lovers
1.5k · Dec 2017
Beautiful yet fragile
All you do
Is fly

Like everything that
To die

Just so you know
It's a lie

When they say
Everyone likes you

When you fly around
Some they runaway

It's not true that
Everyone loves you

Its not your beauty that counts
It's what you do
1.1k · Jan 2018
Black lips
You're like the wind
You're cold
It's cruel

I don't wanna miss you
But the weather
Forces me to

I never wanna hurt you
But you're hurting me too
Like a tattoo

My black lips
Praying so hard
Hoping that I'll hate you

Like you hate me
But our sweet scenes
That's all I remember

I hate me
Like you hate me
Anyone, help me!
982 · Sep 2019
Lies are unexpected
You could have lie to others
But you can't lie to yourself

Lies are unnecessary
Why choose to tell lies
When you could just tell the truth

Lies are usually for the cowards
It doesn't make things better
They mess you up miserably
803 · Oct 2020
Handsome one
Whatever your devil whispered to you
About me that night
Doesn't represents me

Come and talk to my devil
When you have the guts to
No baby, you're not a ****

Just a coward
The handsome one
Still my favorite
759 · Jul 2018
Acted like strangers
But their lips met

Acted like lovers
But the love's for someone else

Acted like friends
But hated each other in the face

Acted like straights
But deep down they're gays

Why choose swell
When you can choose well

Why choose to fake
When you can choose to be true

Because nothing matters
Not even the truth
thanks for reading! comments are welcome ❤
682 · Aug 2018
Who we are
To stay or to leave
I'll leave the choices to you
Make the decision on your own

To hate nor to love
From the very first time
It was never my intention

To blame or to admit
Makes who we are
Whether you like it or not
648 · Apr 2019
You are a lifesaver
You're around when I'm down
I never call out for you
But you're always there for me

I wonder why
I wonder to myself silently
I'm too shy to admit
That to me you're a lifesaver

629 · Dec 2017
Tell me how to
Undo everything
You touched
My deepest space

The one that I've forbid
So long ago
I opened up just for you
When there's too many

You're so very special
How can I unlove
You're the reason
I wanna wake again

I can't afford
To lose you
Stay with me
Will you

Even when the distance
They keep us apart
You'll always forever
Stay in my heart

Your eyes
Your lips
Your skin
Your hands

That makes you who you are
You're beautiful

I'm crazy
Totally crazy
Crazy in love with my baby
You're my one and only baby
625 · Dec 2017
Came out
It's true that some
They did mention em
On their online pages

But hey stranger
It has nothing
To do with you

It doesn't hurt you
It's not making you bleed

Hey stranger
Do you know
Does she or he
Really mean it or not

Come on stranger
Tell us about it
Do you really got the superpowers
To read our minds

Hey hold up stranger
We don't really care
Assume us like you always do
Act like you knew everything

Hey stranger
We don't really have to
Tell you everything

It doesn't make you bleed
620 · Jun 2018
It is very disappointing
When we think it could end
Just by saying sorry

It is very saddening
How everything became nothing
Not like what it was because of misunderstanding

It is totally frightening
When we let our ego wins
And lose the ones we love

Does it worth?
619 · Mar 2020
And this is the reality
None of us had the idea of it

It's either a gift
Or just a gigantic test
Who knows what's behind it

And we're staying in
To help and hope this will stop

Front liners are heros
All the homies are too
Both helping each other to prevent

Praying day and night
For safety and security
For the better and serenity

Oh the almighty
You're listening
I know you do
You know what's in out hearts
I know you do
Please forgive us
Please make it end
Covid19 ****
612 · Jul 2020
Lost touch
Lost sense of humour
Lost in time
Lost in between
608 · Jan 26
Sometimes I caught myself

Thinking about you

Thinking about us

What we used to be

It was great

Maybe not everything

But most of it


I'm grateful

Thank you
604 · Mar 21
Alone doesn't exists
We are never alone
Alone doesn't exists for us
There are witnesses
Guardians and angels
Watching over us
Never leaves us alone

They're not there for you
But they're watching over you
The sky and the stars too
That's the truth
In all time and space
We're protected
553 · Mar 2020
Please don't
I was next to her
Almost texted you
But I didn't
Cause I couldn't

This morning
Received a text from you
Saying you should have seen me
Before you leave the other day

This is not getting easier
As I'm trying to understand
Maybe I've misunderstood
Please don't make it hard
518 · Dec 2017
The day
Its 2 pm
Cozy and windy
The clouds doing their duty
In my eyes you're very pretty

Getting ready for the evening
To see my most precious
With her shades on
Waiting in the car

It was tinted
Still I can see you
You're beautiful as always
You will always be

Heart beats fast
I wish to find
The right words to say
The right tone for hey

Hey could we just stay
Like this forever
Make everything stop
And make you stay
514 · May 2019
I like you
I like you
Since the first game together
Actually I knew you
Before we're in the battle
I'm not a stalker
I just knew that my heart likes you

I didn't tell you about that
Maybe I never will
But I figured that
One day you'll know
Once you read this writing

Hey, I like you.
512 · Dec 2017
An end
That sight you gave
The smile was there
Every second of life
I was hoping for an end

An end with you
Your beautiful eyes
Your pretty smile
My beautiful soul

Telling you how much
You mean to me
How deep i fall into you
Now I'm at ease my darling
453 · Jan 2018
Three days
Tell me
How are you

These feelings
They are there
Getting stronger

Is this wrong
Is it okay
Would you mind to tell me

These dark grey clouds
Scares me
Rain's coming

Are they gonna do it
Like how everyone else does
Wash away everything

All my memories
That I kept
For myself

All the things
About you
All the sweet pretty things

That we've been thru
For those three days
Just us
431 · Nov 2019
It depends
On the eye
On what you saw
On what you choose to see

The good in it
The bad in it
The sense in it
The results of it

Still it's up to you
To calculate
To think of it
To thank for it

It's all You
Thank you for letting me see
Thank you for the eyes You gave me
Thank you for the chance to change
Thank YOU for everything YOU gave me.
422 · Oct 2020
Will you try
To make me understand
Or you'll just leave me believe
That you hated me all along

Do you care
To make me understand
Or you'll just leave me alone
With these tears all night long
419 · Jul 2019
This one girl
I'm glad
To know you
You got that warm smile
Understanding mind
Everything seems mild

Thank God
For that day
The day 1 I met you
It was awkward
But I didn't lose my words

I hope
This will be everlasting
The tranquility you gave
The comfort you hold
I wish it will last forever
Happy birthday gf. 143.
416 · Jan 2019
Maybe it's true
About what they said

And the feelings fade
All that's left is fake

Why choose to stay
When it's all fake

Are you scared
To be alone

On your own
Or you're scared of loneliness
416 · Dec 2017
Everything seems to show
This secret is a secret no more

When you go
You left without looking back

Not even a glance
Maybe everything's just a show

A made up
Made out of lust

Saddest part is when
Everything seems to be so true

Guess that all my friends
Was right since the very beginning

I was a fool
Fooled by you

Hey heartbreaker
Thanks for the memories
412 · Apr 2019
If I'm gonna bite you
I'll bite you really hard
Not just for the pleasure
It's more to another closure
411 · Dec 2017
You came with a smile
As a friend
Brought me happiness
Shared the joy

You asked for a space
In my tiny heart
I'm scared
But because of trust

I gave you
What you asked for
Everything was good
We're madly in love

I'm thankful
I'm grateful
I'm happy
We're happy

We planned to keep everything
Everything since the very beginning
Somehow something's happening
We're still ignoring

People just hate us
They really hate us
Hates you
Hates me

We're good at ignoring
Very good at it
We're loving our best
But nothing stays forever

You left
Because of them
You really did
Because of them

It's hurting
Total disaster
To this tiny heart

No blood
Not at all
Cause I'm dead
From the moment of your first touch
408 · May 2018
We put hopes
Cause there's faith

We hold on to
Cause we trust one another

We stand up tall
Cause we believe in ourselves

Still somehow
There's a force

Tryna break us
Bring us down

Like it was so clear
Suddenly became so dark

So dark
That you can't see a thing
Even with your both eyes open

That's your call
To the new beginning
Pick yourself up
Look around you

There's a lot more to discover
There's more challenges coming your way

Keep on living
Keep on believing

One day
You'll win.
Stay strong love.
406 · Dec 2017
So very messed up
The cloud's dark grey
Everyone's too tired
Hungry as in package

You're asking around
Maybe there's someone
Wants to share
Nor it will all go wasted

It's just frustrating
This ego is killing
What to wait
It's your call

These eyes met
Went all speechless
Plain and nothing
Again the ego wins
400 · Dec 2017
Lose count
This is not the first
Not even the second
Honestly I lose count
So can I count on you

It's like we used to
Had a conversation
Calm and **** one
Yeah I'm into you

The grass turns greener
Everytime we're together
The cloud looks prettier
When your head's on my shoulder

I miss this
I miss us
I miss everything
Includes the taste of your lips
393 · Feb 2020
Maybe baby
Sometimes I see you
You're everywhere
Sometimes you're nowhere
Not even in my dreams

Maybe I just miss us
The old us
What we used to be
What we had

What we can't repeat
What we can't exchange
What we had was great
I treasure it here again

Maybe you'll never know this
Maybe you'll never notice
Everything that we had
Even the first kiss
392 · May 2019
Maybe tonight
There's a difference between
Wanting to be dead and
Feeling that one day
Your beat might just stop
387 · Mar 1
To this song
If you're here now
I would just grab you
Make you dance with me
To this song but
You're not
So I'll just dance
With this teddy you gave me
Through the night
I effing miss you and I know you don't or maybe I'm wrong. It's okay. It's my choice.
378 · Aug 4
I wish I could tell
Black and white
I wish I'll always
Know the truth
I wish this happiness
Stay with us forever
So overwhelmed
It makes me wanna cry
I wish I love God better
Wished I'm His favorite
But I know
You know
We'll never know
373 · May 2019
A no
I'll be asking
Are we on the same page?
Are we giving the same energy?Cause if it's a no
We got a reason to go
371 · Feb 2019
Secret lover
Maybe I did told you
That I'll leave

I'll leave you
And all the memories of us


You'll never realise that
It's still me

That's been loving you
From far, silently and this time

I'll make sure
You'll never know that

It's me.

I love you, AA.
Tbh, I've been thinking to myself. What to get for you, on your birthday. I really did but.. you left, again. 04.02.2019
369 · Jan 2018
Not the end
It vibrates
I hope
It's you

It rings
Still hoping
It's you

In my dreams
That smile
It's yours

In my prayers
There's always
Your name

The world may separates us
But HE knows
We know
It's not the end
368 · Mar 8
Felt sick
They were too clear
I could feel the hate
The regrets
It felt sad and once I woke up
I feel sick
365 · Dec 2017
Realising the fact
It falls easily
That scares me
Scares us

We thought
We could control it
We thought
The powers in our hands

Against the will
Again we hurt ourselves
Wasn't just a cut
Some they swelled

The pain
They're unexplainable
The hurt
They can't be heard

In our very soul
353 · Jan 2018
They said
Thought that
It was easy
To make a Start

Thought that
It was easy
To say Goodbye

Thought that
It was easy
To obey and To listen

Thought that
It was easy
To only lie and Fake everything

It wasn't
Wasn't like what
They said

Everything was
353 · Apr 2020
Holy Month 2020
It's the first day
Of the Holy Month
Of Ramadan

I am happy
To be here
Among the chosen one

Thank you for this chance
Thank you for this day
Thank you for the food

There will be no words
That could discribe
How much thankful I really am

Happy Ramadan Kareem
To everyone who celebrates
Stay strong, it won't be long
352 · Mar 2020
Sharp ones
Shattered into pieces
Just because of words
Tried to glue them back
But it'll never be the same

They were only words
Sharp ones
The heart was broken

If one could choose
Types of heart to own
One won't pick this one
Cause it's too sensitive

Too fragile
One will always blame oneself
For being one
For having that kind of heart
350 · Dec 2017
What you said
Was true
And still
Some things are undo

Tolerate has to be done
Like every time
Your hands play it's role
They're my dime

Tell me
Is it wrong
To keep your soul
Nor to have them whole

Is this temporary
Can't we just let it
Happily in this
White solitary

Always there will
Be a tragedy
It's either my fantasy
Nor your reality
349 · Nov 2020
Dance in the rain again
Felt like a kid
Free and fresh
With a smile on my face

   Chances are always there
   Whether you like it or not
   Sooner or later the time will come
   One day you'll have to decide

Maybe you're not even ready
Maybe you're well prepared
Maybe you'll love it
Maybe you'll hate it
341 · Jun 2018
It's killing me
It's killing me
To try not to think of you

It's killing me
To undo things i used to do with you

It's killing me
To try not to miss you
Did i **** you too?
340 · Dec 2017
Haru haru
Sick and tired
Of myself
Never to you
Never us

Haru haru
It tasted bitter
So very bitter
Bitter us

No one

Knew nor realising
Only mattress and pillows
Thru days and nights

This ain't bending
It's breaking

Beautiful sunny
Yet we felt cold
When it's winter
All you felt was hole

In the crowd
Wanting us

Not alone
Yet our hearts are lonely

Haru haru means day by day
329 · Jan 2018
So much more
Just as bad
As it is
Ugly as
It seems to be

The last time
She kept on failing
Also galling
It hurts so bad

The rain was her lover
The best she had
Too bad
Now it's only a was

The love
It's still there
Will always be
Now and forever

Explanation wasn't needed
There's faith and more
So much more
Than just a mother nature
314 · Jan 2018
I'm scared
But I had to ask
Before I regret
Before your next flight

It takes courage
For me to say it
To hide this shame
To accept the pain

Your answer
It leaves me hanging
I'm hanging

Hoping to die
So soon

This pain
That makes me feel alive

Loving you
What makes me feel human

Kissing you
May ease the pain inside

I miss you
If only you feel the same
311 · Dec 2017
Looking for an error
No this aint terror

Some might say it is
But they never truly see

Sometimes they occur
Without thunder

She's my the rider
I'm her passenger

These colours of mine
Are all hers
For her to cherish

Only she
Shall keep the taste

Only she's
Gonna make me rain

Only her love
Makes me shine again
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