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Aug 4 · 378
I wish I could tell
Black and white
I wish I'll always
Know the truth
I wish this happiness
Stay with us forever
So overwhelmed
It makes me wanna cry
I wish I love God better
Wished I'm His favorite
But I know
You know
We'll never know
Apr 25 · 64
Would you
Some might say
That's a stupid play
I'd say it's a chosen path
To be or not to be
With the one
Who wants you or never want to

Some would say
It's a mistake
I'd say it's a memory lane
To keep it or to throw it away
It's always your choice
Would you throw me away
for someone new?
Mar 21 · 604
Alone doesn't exists
We are never alone
Alone doesn't exists for us
There are witnesses
Guardians and angels
Watching over us
Never leaves us alone

They're not there for you
But they're watching over you
The sky and the stars too
That's the truth
In all time and space
We're protected
Mar 8 · 368
Felt sick
They were too clear
I could feel the hate
The regrets
It felt sad and once I woke up
I feel sick
Mar 5 · 236
I just know
From the first time
We fought like hell
I know you'll end up
Being my best friend
Mar 4 · 100
That one warm body
It's like walking on a straight path
You thought it was easy
Until you feel the need
Of rest and water
Or maybe a company
And maybe a warm body
Just to hug
No, not just a warm body
Only that one warm body
That you miss the most
Mar 1 · 387
To this song
If you're here now
I would just grab you
Make you dance with me
To this song but
You're not
So I'll just dance
With this teddy you gave me
Through the night
I effing miss you and I know you don't or maybe I'm wrong. It's okay. It's my choice.
Jan 26 · 608
Sometimes I caught myself

Thinking about you

Thinking about us

What we used to be

It was great

Maybe not everything

But most of it


I'm grateful

Thank you
Jan 1 · 82
Show don't tell
Who ever thought
We'll survive this

Who ever thought
We're still breathing till this day

We're strong with His will
The test won't stop cause He say so

Life is short
Live it to the fullest

Show your love
Make it worth

There's a soul that deserves it
You know what I'm talking about
Dec 2020 · 168
Jika bersendirian itu lebih baik
Biarlah sendiri

Sabarlah sayang
Segalanya sementara

Tidak engkau
Mungkin aku

Siapa dahulu
Tidak aku tahu

Kita pasti akan pergi
Menghadap abadi

Membawa diri hina kepada yang pasti
Yang Maha Mencinta
Nov 2020 · 349
Dance in the rain again
Felt like a kid
Free and fresh
With a smile on my face

   Chances are always there
   Whether you like it or not
   Sooner or later the time will come
   One day you'll have to decide

Maybe you're not even ready
Maybe you're well prepared
Maybe you'll love it
Maybe you'll hate it
Nov 2020 · 110
None of it was for you
    It's for myself
My own pleasure

    Cherished what I had
But like I said
     None of it was for you

Every puff and each rolls
    They ain't for you
Never was for you

     Dancing in the rain
Synchronized the pain
      It was my choice
Nov 2020 · 71
Told Him about you
Everything about us
Even though I know He knew

How rude I was
How mean I was
Towards you

I know He knew
How bad it was
As it shattered and went with the wind

I knew it isn't for eternity
It is just a game
One of your favorites

Should have known
Nov 2020 · 78
No hate
Only pain

Then it's raining
Raining tears

No lies
Only fears

Same ****
Keep repeating

You put yourself in that way
Stop putting the blame on others
Nov 2020 · 120
Was true
Loving you wasn't a hobby
It was pure
Was naive

Definitely not a choice
Not an accident
Wasn't a mistake
At least It never felt that way

You come and go
Whenever you want
She's just an option
Someone that'll always accept you

No matter how bad
The condition of her heart
If it's you
She'll still say yes

Cause it's you
Nov 2020 · 168
She's letting you go

She knows
You were never hers
You knew
It will never work

Please don't give anymore hopes
Don't slide into her DM
Tell her how much you misses her
Cause at the end of the day
You'll never come
That breaks her so bad
She loves you
One which will never change

Yes, she's stupid
The most
Oct 2020 · 106
Sometimes I wonder to myself
Is this one of Your way
To make me go back to you again

Was I so blind
To not realize this earlier
Was I too ******* myself

I know I can't turn back time
And I acknowledge
I'll be the happiest if You forgive me

All of my sins
Oct 2020 · 803
Handsome one
Whatever your devil whispered to you
About me that night
Doesn't represents me

Come and talk to my devil
When you have the guts to
No baby, you're not a ****

Just a coward
The handsome one
Still my favorite
Oct 2020 · 290
Should I just let things go
Or should I hold on to it

Most of em makes me happy
And not all of em hurt that bad

Still I think
You're the sweetest ever
Oct 2020 · 422
Will you try
To make me understand
Or you'll just leave me believe
That you hated me all along

Do you care
To make me understand
Or you'll just leave me alone
With these tears all night long
Sep 2020 · 212
But are we really that?
Sep 2020 · 127
I don't know
Whether it's forever or temporary

I don't know
If you'll ever come back again or not

I don't know
But all I know is my heart is aching, again.

This is hard.
I never saw this coming.
Not even an inch.
Jul 2020 · 74
What is this
I don't know
I don't know what this is

I don't know
But I felt it in me

Is this love?
This feeling that I have for you

Cause I don't know
But I do know that I miss you

And I'll find a way
To have you in my arms again

To touch you with my eyes
To feel you with my fingers

Like we used to
Like how it was
Jul 2020 · 612
Lost touch
Lost sense of humour
Lost in time
Lost in between
Jun 2020 · 247
What for
I wish to not have a fragile heart
I wish not to tell anyone how I feel
Why is it so hard
Why is it so heavy

Isn't there's an option
To have a cold heart
To not care how I feel
Cause sometimes it felt like unnecessary

Especially when you spill it out
But it was taken for granted
What for
May 2020 · 105
I m y
I miss you

Deep down I wished you miss me too

I miss you

I honestly want to listen
to your voice again

I miss you

I know I messed things up

I miss you

I know saying sorry won't heal you

I miss you

I hope you're doing okay there

I miss you

I'm telling you cause it's true

I really really miss you

I hope to see you again at least before the world ends
Apr 2020 · 353
Holy Month 2020
It's the first day
Of the Holy Month
Of Ramadan

I am happy
To be here
Among the chosen one

Thank you for this chance
Thank you for this day
Thank you for the food

There will be no words
That could discribe
How much thankful I really am

Happy Ramadan Kareem
To everyone who celebrates
Stay strong, it won't be long
Apr 2020 · 264
You feel you
Sometimes it's the stars
Rarely with the moon
Usually only the skies
Normally it's only us

It is not impossible to make things work
We bend and might break ourselves
Still we're able to stand and start again
As if it's the very first time for everything

The hellos
The pretty face to smile at
The route to your favorite place to be you
To make you feel you before you tasted love
14th April 2020
Aman, Tuesday
Mar 2020 · 619
And this is the reality
None of us had the idea of it

It's either a gift
Or just a gigantic test
Who knows what's behind it

And we're staying in
To help and hope this will stop

Front liners are heros
All the homies are too
Both helping each other to prevent

Praying day and night
For safety and security
For the better and serenity

Oh the almighty
You're listening
I know you do
You know what's in out hearts
I know you do
Please forgive us
Please make it end
Covid19 ****
Mar 2020 · 352
Sharp ones
Shattered into pieces
Just because of words
Tried to glue them back
But it'll never be the same

They were only words
Sharp ones
The heart was broken

If one could choose
Types of heart to own
One won't pick this one
Cause it's too sensitive

Too fragile
One will always blame oneself
For being one
For having that kind of heart
Mar 2020 · 553
Please don't
I was next to her
Almost texted you
But I didn't
Cause I couldn't

This morning
Received a text from you
Saying you should have seen me
Before you leave the other day

This is not getting easier
As I'm trying to understand
Maybe I've misunderstood
Please don't make it hard
Feb 2020 · 172
Taste so sweet
In my dreams
Flying is easier than walking
Running is scarier than swimming

I'm trying to understand
Between the lines and colours
Genuine and fake

Why is it hard to let you go
I thought I moved on
I was wrong all this time

Pardon me
The road look so clear
The rain taste so sweet

I wanted to be free
But I'd like to stay
Just to love you over and over again
Feb 2020 · 393
Maybe baby
Sometimes I see you
You're everywhere
Sometimes you're nowhere
Not even in my dreams

Maybe I just miss us
The old us
What we used to be
What we had

What we can't repeat
What we can't exchange
What we had was great
I treasure it here again

Maybe you'll never know this
Maybe you'll never notice
Everything that we had
Even the first kiss
Feb 2020 · 139
I don't know
If this is the truth

I don't know
If this is real

I don't know
If you're not just my day dream

But it felt real
It felt honest
It felt hard

To just let it in
It's not as easy as it seems

To just accept the past
It's easier said than done

To just forget how bad everything was
Isn't that easy

I don't know
What to do
What to feel
Which is real

Will you help me?
Dec 2019 · 307
After all
After everything
That we've been through

So here we are
You and I

In the same room
On the same bed

Skin to skin
Cuddling each other
Nov 2019 · 287
The will
They can say No
They will always say No

But my Darling
If you have the WILL
You'll do it
Even when they say No

LIVE your LIFE sweetheart
They won't always be around for you
But You WILL always
Have to live your life
No matter what

Stay strong
Love yourself
Let them say No
You build your life better
Who else gonna make your life better
If it's not YOU
You will survive
Nov 2019 · 189
Are you home yet?
Are you okay?
Are you somewhere safe?

I'm just worry
Please look at the bright side
I care for you

I know you're capable of being alone
You're my supergirl but
You'll always be my baby
2.11am @ Malaysia and I'm missing you. A lot. ❤
Nov 2019 · 431
It depends
On the eye
On what you saw
On what you choose to see

The good in it
The bad in it
The sense in it
The results of it

Still it's up to you
To calculate
To think of it
To thank for it

It's all You
Thank you for letting me see
Thank you for the eyes You gave me
Thank you for the chance to change
Thank YOU for everything YOU gave me.
Oct 2019 · 307
Oct 2019 · 125
Take a sip
Act like you don't care
Act like it's okay
Act like everything's cool
But my darling
No, it's not
It's not like how you think it is
You care
It's not okay
It's not cool

Stop it
Wake up
Stand up
Live in reality
Keep on dreaming
Make them come true
Chase them if you have to
Take a short rest cause you needed to

Take a sip
Take a deep breath
My father always says
Slowly and steady, win the race
Make prayers
Don't lose hope
Stay strong
Till the end of the day
Oct 2019 · 120
'Goodnight ****'
Is the last text that
I got from her tonight
Before I put myself to sleep

I wish to see her again
To hold her hand
We'll spend the whole night
Like it won't end

Oct 2019 · 96
Ameen ❤️
Everything is temporary
You'll get better
Have faith (:
Oct 2019 · 121
So it's you
My head hurts so bad
I never felt that before
Not like any other day

This one's intense
So painful
Can't think of anything that makes me sad Or it will end up feeling so very bad

Told her
I miss you so much
Call me if you love me
She gave me a call

Heard her voice
Angelic voice
The pain gone away
The tears dried away

So it's you
You're my cure
You're the reason of my pain
I need you
Oct 2019 · 166
They told me
I love you
But they told me
That You
Love me better
Sep 2019 · 195
Shit again
Just because of that one
One simple question

Everything became upside down
You're leaving her again

Because she was being direct
Sep 2019 · 982
Lies are unexpected
You could have lie to others
But you can't lie to yourself

Lies are unnecessary
Why choose to tell lies
When you could just tell the truth

Lies are usually for the cowards
It doesn't make things better
They mess you up miserably
Sep 2019 · 176
You can cry now
I think I can cry now
I think it's too heavy
To keep it alone
All to myself

Been thinking
To who should I tell
Do you wanna listen
Do you even have the time to

I love me
But at the same time
Why do I always
Make me cry

Please don't hate yourself
It's okay to cry
It's not your fault
It's no one's fault
Jul 2019 · 419
This one girl
I'm glad
To know you
You got that warm smile
Understanding mind
Everything seems mild

Thank God
For that day
The day 1 I met you
It was awkward
But I didn't lose my words

I hope
This will be everlasting
The tranquility you gave
The comfort you hold
I wish it will last forever
Happy birthday gf. 143.
May 2019 · 373
A no
I'll be asking
Are we on the same page?
Are we giving the same energy?Cause if it's a no
We got a reason to go
May 2019 · 392
Maybe tonight
There's a difference between
Wanting to be dead and
Feeling that one day
Your beat might just stop
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