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Sometimes I caught myself

Thinking about you

Thinking about us

What we used to be

It was great

Maybe not everything

But most of it


I'm grateful

Thank you
Who ever thought
We'll survive this

Who ever thought
We're still breathing till this day

We're strong with His will
The test won't stop cause He say so

Life is short
Live it to the fullest

Show your love
Make it worth

There's a soul that deserves it
You know what I'm talking about
Jika bersendirian itu lebih baik
Biarlah sendiri

Sabarlah sayang
Segalanya sementara

Tidak engkau
Mungkin aku

Siapa dahulu
Tidak aku tahu

Kita pasti akan pergi
Menghadap abadi

Membawa diri hina kepada yang pasti
Yang Maha Mencinta
Dance in the rain again
Felt like a kid
Free and fresh
With a smile on my face

   Chances are always there
   Whether you like it or not
   Sooner or later the time will come
   One day you'll have to decide

Maybe you're not even ready
Maybe you're well prepared
Maybe you'll love it
Maybe you'll hate it
None of it was for you
    It's for myself
My own pleasure

    Cherished what I had
But like I said
     None of it was for you

Every puff and each rolls
    They ain't for you
Never was for you

     Dancing in the rain
Synchronized the pain
      It was my choice
Told Him about you
Everything about us
Even though I know He knew

How rude I was
How mean I was
Towards you

I know He knew
How bad it was
As it shattered and went with the wind

I knew it isn't for eternity
It is just a game
One of your favorites

Should have known
No hate
Only pain

Then it's raining
Raining tears

No lies
Only fears

Same ****
Keep repeating

You put yourself in that way
Stop putting the blame on others
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