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There was a time where she realized that every sign was there,
She realized that all along she had the choice to set forth in her own path,
She realized that she followed a path that wasn't meant for her,
She noticed that she could have picked a different direction to head towards,

But she didn't,

She picked to be with someone that wasn't meant for her,
And although she had respect for him,
And although she both grew with him,
They were never meant for one another.

A Thought went up my mind today—
That I have had before—
But did not finish—some way back—
I could not fix the Year—

Nor where it went—nor why it came
The second time to me—
Nor definitely, what it was—
Have I the Art to say—

But somewhere—in my Soul—I know—
I’ve met the Thing before—
It just reminded me—’twas all—
And came my way no more—
My head is about to explode,
Explode from all these fears and explode from all these thoughts,
There comes a time when I think and anayzle myself and my thoughts,
At times even my existence,
I am so ready to be gone,
I feel useless and meaningless,
I just want someone to love and understand me.
I just someone to care.
My heart aches,
It burns with pain,
I feel so alone and lost,
I have to smile,
I'm required to stay strong,
However, I feel so lost.

I feel so empty.
I hope I can be heard.
I just want someone to care.

— The End —