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I think you got lost
Are you in that forest
That you call a mind?

Yelling out for me?

I'm running in circles it seems

I'm screaming your name

Begging to find you again

Can you hear me?

Are you lost in the forest you call a mind?

Or am I lost?
I think both our forests are on fire and every attempt to put it out is failing.
I am young

But my ears have already

Craved the sweet sound of

"I do"

I am young

But my ears already

Have yearned

For the plaintive wails

Of a baby wanting mommy

I am young

But I have been dreaming

Of my future

Since I was ten years old

I am young

And I may be foolish to believe

*But no one will take my dreams away from me.
Another part of my life has passed

And the inner me breaks free

I move onto the next step

And nothing will hold me back

Not anymore.
Why were your responsibilities
Tossed carelessly at me

Why are so many
Thrown carelessly
Into the abyss

As if they don't matter
I was thrown

But my mother caught me

My cousin was thrown
And my mom and I caught him

In today's society

So many are tossed

And there isn't always someone to catch

I know after one unplanned child
That is not my child at all
I am tired

I am mother
And daughter
And not mother all at once

I am not allowed to dictate or correct

Just soothe

Just obey

I am the carelessly thrown
Attempting to salvage a fellow
Who like me
Was thrown so carelessly.
If he carries out a wrong deed
It's on me
If you mess up
It's on me

The girl who feels slave
Chained up in that house
Held down by the blaming
Your rules
Your dictation

So hard to break free
Want to feel liberty
I want it to bathe over me

I no longer want to suffer
No longer want to be imprisoned

The shell I live in is cracked
And one day I swear for all I've suffered
I will pay you back.
Every darkness in me
Has been vanquished
But the dark memories lurk
Memories of **** after ****
Tears after tears
The therapy
The loneliness
The lack of talking about it
The way I bled because it hurt my soul
All of it bled out from within me
The suffering that I endured
The yelling
The blaming
The lack of love
The complete ignorance of me
I remember it all
And I wear it on my sleeve
As a reminder of what will never again be.
It was betrayal that destroyed
For the one who was once a friend
Is now know as only enemy.
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