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Fervent Poetry Jun 2017
what if we'd stop or just
try to jump
what if to carry wasn't meant
for us after all
what if I was never yours to hold
write this book
trust the "I know"
and what if the truth was right
would I still try to convince wrong?

you see
the line grows from above
and I'll sell the book
I promise
'cause "what if" was never mine
it was yours
and only

Fervent Poetry May 2017
it's sinking deep within
under the skin of mine
turning this black and white
it's sinking deep within
behind my shirtsleeve
with words too thin
and it might be right
to give it all and fight
but as it's sinking deep
I'm afraid
it might drown while asleep
Fervent Poetry May 2017
she was racing over the horizon
through lines
over luminaries
time ticks flew
tore by the wind
"I play with gusts and thunder,"
she said,
"I'm not afraid to get burned."
Fervent Poetry May 2017
she wore a white dress
and believed in magic
now and then
she wrote stories on city streets
on inked notebook pages
and crafted memorials into ghosts
sterilizing thorns of roses
who knew?

they clapped hands
and she decided
she'll never look back
*and I think I knew
Fervent Poetry May 2017
free spirit caressed
we danced
and there was no place other
to feel more blessed
Fervent Poetry May 2017
for the first time
it was the last
I had no reason to stay
nor be away

for the first time
it was the last

my last
'In between'
Fervent Poetry May 2017
I'll keep calling
and calling

I'll keep walking
and falling

and somewhere between
the clouds
and his arms

I'll know
I'll know my home
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