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Fernanda Rangel Oct 2019
Spring is a sun kissed forehead.
It’s a cherry blossom tree whose flowers flutter like butterflies in your stomach.
It’s pink rosy cheeks when your eyes meet.
It’s sharing a vanilla milk shake and asking for a kiss to see how it tastes.

Summer is skin covered in sweat from midday ***. It’s when sweat from your lover’s forehead drip drops in your mouth and you love the taste. Because it quenches a thirst that you didn’t know was there. So hot you want to rip each other’s skin off. It’s a kiss that leaves all the colors of the sunset on your skin.

Autumn is a cozy hug by the fire. It’s chills up your spine when curious fingers trace your scars. It’s taking out the skeletons in your closet and wearing them as costumes for each other. It’s trick or treat and smelling each other’s feet because you’re comfortable like that with each other.

Winter is peace and quiet in the daylight. It’s lonely and silent in the moonlight. It’s laying in the dark with your backs facing each other. It’s being a millimeter away and feeling so distant from each other. It’s loud tears that only you can hear and being choked by fear.

Love is all the seasons.
Fernanda Rangel Feb 2019
You’re the bees knees,
You’re so **** cool I look back and want to be more like you.
I would do anything to fit in your shoes and your jeans...

I know I will find you again.
By finding you I’ll find myself.
By finding myself I’ll find you.

The sun and moon couldn’t be together forever.
Eclipses like those are somewhat of a rare occasion and you’re so lucky you got to experience it.

You are everything you ever wanted to be. Stop wanting to grow up to be somebody, you already are yourself and that’s more than enough.

There’s beauty everywhere inside you.
Flowers bloom in your darkest corners and trust me, there’s someone who will come inside you and replace the broken lights so your flowers can grow and you will both call it a home.

Keep loving yourself xoxo,

21 year old me
Fernanda Rangel Oct 2018
I'm a small wilting wildflower
Exhausted and almost completely drained.

From those selfish quick-heartbeated hummingbirds,
All they want is a taste of my sweet nectar and leave before I can finish...
a sentence.
Fernanda Rangel Jul 2018
We gift each other conversations about our future as if it were our present.

These conversations open doors and all I can hear is “Honey, I’m home!”
All we have are the blueprints
yet, our backs ache from building the home that only lives in our imagination.

We have set rules our children must follow as if they were living not only under our minds, but under our roof.

I can see home in your eyes.
I can feel it surrounded by your arms.
Home is wherever I’m with you.
Fernanda Rangel Sep 2017
Sitting beside each other
watching as the sun goes underwater
and the moon casting its light brightly.

Your finger lightly traces on my shoulder,
A sun and moon that used to be closer.
The wind flows through lightly

The night starts to get colder.
You grab me to pull me in closer,
I place a salty kiss on you neck lightly

It's time to go as the sky gets darker
Spending my days with you is lovely
Fernanda Rangel Mar 2017
It's a warm Arizonan afternoon
I'm five feet tall,
but you make me feel like I can touch the moon.

I look up to your face
against the pink cotton candy cloud filled skies
Right before you pull me in for a sweet kiss.
I come to realize how time really flies.

I hope the sun doesn't set on us too soon
so we can taste cotton candy every afternoon.
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