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Fernanda Savaris Oct 2016
I try and I talk and I might
but all the senses are corrupt
and I cry and I call and I fight
but of love I was never taught
Fernanda Savaris Sep 2016
eu gosto tanto de você
mas é difícil dizer
que depois de tanto tempo
eu ainda tenho saudade

e eu já quis tanto te ver
e ver contigo o sol nascer
nos nossos meios de nada
ou no centro da cidade

eu queria que o fim
não fosse coisa ruim
que impedisse de te ver
e iniciasse tempestade

dói dentro de mim
saber que agora é assim
eu pra cá, você pra lá
e no meio, às vezes, maldade

me faz falta te abraçar
e com carinho escutar
o que cê tem a dizer
sobre eu e você
e a nossa cumplicidade

eu queria é que o mundo
a essa hora tão vagabundo
criasse alguma compaixão
e extinguisse essa saudade

minha saudade de te ter
Fernanda Savaris Apr 2016
It's a sinous path
and the whole way is endless
It scares you so much
and you are being senseless

Bright fog and no light
that's all you can see
Darkness behind you,
but you cannot feel me

You fear the next step
afraid of losing
The limbo is real
and reality is looming

Nothing aside,
no ups nor downs.
Unless you get it through
you will never get out

Step, step.
The door will be there
It is all on you
to figure out where
Fernanda Savaris Mar 2016
The suffocating agony that doesn’t let you breathe
consumes all your energy turning it into despair.
The amusing torment of a lost individual
who can’t handle their own pains
who can’t stand the idea of a mistaken action.
The ******* bright regret
knocking on the door
saying they left forgiveness far away,
spread around a camp full of beasts,
to which you will never be able to go
and catch those pieces
For all the forgiveness you need
doesn't feel pity for you.
The torturing guilt; a purely mean accusation of recklessness
and an apathetic god telling you weren’t good enough
and you will never have the chance to be so
because you can't hold yourself highly
and now you are contaminated with the dirt of regret.
  Mar 2016 Fernanda Savaris
JR Potts
She was wild like skinny dipping at midnight, stars watching overhead and falling in love with moonlight. The way it lay upon her skin made the ocean envious of her depths within and sometimes between us. She was my sister, not in blood but in orbit. A Venus to my Earth, forged from the same collapsing star and if the universe was in fact to be infinite then this moment would happen again, and again, and again an immeasurable number of times. I found comfort in this thought, knowing though our existence was meaningless, it was still full of feeling, and this feeling, right now, it insisted on existing forever.
Fernanda Savaris Mar 2016
As the infinity of the dark sky made me drawn under its waves, a warm hand held my heart and an empty box packed my mind. That feeling. A sweet despair, an agonizing calm and the silent thunder that broke myself in one. Balance was no more in the trinity, but in the foggy line that connected my feet to the beautiful gloom captivating my eyes. My hands were useless; insignificant towards the untouchable serenity around my body. My hips, though, contained almost as much energy as the fast beats of my heart. Purity came into my lungs at every breath. My chest was a cosy home for whatever dared to knock on the door of magnitude. Although I am not a megalomaniac, the infinity fits nicely inside my soul.
This is a piece inspired by the three first lines of the First Elegy of the Duino Elegies, by Rainer Maria Rilke:

Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels’ hierarchies?
and even if one of them pressed me suddenly against his heart:
I would be consumed in that overwhelming existence
Fernanda Savaris Feb 2016
your sweetness makes me feel a bit detached from reality
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