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Aug 2020 · 297
Empty promises
lk ode Aug 2020
Oh how the clock ticks on
the future becomes the past
and nothing changes
lk ode Aug 2020
Brave little nomad,
this uncharted, no mans’ land will be yours soon enough.
Keep trekking,
little explorer—
for the world extends far beyond your road maps
*Gladys is my childhood dog. This was written after her passing.
Aug 2020 · 135
Out at Sea
lk ode Aug 2020
Heavy baggage turned deadweight,
stowing away, clinging on—
down, down, down— we both shall sink
The tighter we clutch, the farther we fall
tense tendons and crooked insecurities leaving us
at the bottom
Aug 2020 · 216
lk ode Aug 2020
One of the saddest tragedies of life
is when we down a poison,
thinking it an elixir.
Aug 2020 · 148
San Francisco
lk ode Aug 2020
the soundtrack of san francisco
is pale gold and lush green
car horns
Aug 2020 · 403
pressing flowers
lk ode Aug 2020
we pressed our scents
       into those unholy sheets
                                 like flowers
                                          in a book
Aug 2020 · 470
Mind is Wind
lk ode Aug 2020
mind is wind which
rings in night it
licks lips, sighs sin
it stirs, it spits
in dirt lives wild bliss
whirlwind in limbs
is hid
with stiff skin
Aug 2020 · 482
Street Fair
lk ode Aug 2020
in the street fair
sun soaked air
on two pairs of
one weathered, covered in
dry clay
and working at a
pottery wheel
and the other smaller, younger
sits in paint
and waits and
Aug 2020 · 252
lk ode Aug 2020
Every day I’m learning
there’s a much bigger world out there
than what I used to see
in your eyes
Aug 2020 · 356
lk ode Aug 2020
it’s only been a month
or two
but all has changed
since I met you
Aug 2020 · 1.1k
You are a poem
lk ode Aug 2020
you are a poem
that I can’t stop reading
over and over
I want to curl up
in the accidental prose
that pours from your lips
soft lips, beautiful lips
giving me an oxytocin high
you’ve given me a taste
of a lovely addiction
all gas, no breaks
more, more, more
Aug 2020 · 133
lk ode Aug 2020
I don't know what it is
about the seasons
but every time
I feel them change
feels like the first time
Aug 2020 · 246
lk ode Aug 2020
An untamed mane,
wild, unwieldy—
for looks and for luster.
Unable to see through the thicket,
reality has flown so far away.
Aug 2020 · 325
camel crush
lk ode Aug 2020
“She’s the one that got me addicted”
— you say with a sly smile
I find it funny
that somewhere between those
minty cigarette drags and drunken kisses
and all the memories we’ve made
out of them
I somehow ended up addicted too—
not to the cigarettes— but to you.
Aug 2020 · 112
lk ode Aug 2020
We wear our bruises like medallions
and keep our chins held high
as if to kiss the face of god
Aug 2020 · 243
self discovery
lk ode Aug 2020
I wanna know your demons
I whisper
As I cut myself open
like a game of operation
delicate incisions
and steady hands,
for a sharp vibrating buzz
of discovery
lk ode Aug 2020
I carry it on my back
when I'm here, I'm not really here
parts of me are scattered in different places
it's a little exciting, but mostly unsettling
I never unpack
my mind moves, and sometimes my body can't keep up
I am in so many parts that sometimes I lose some of the pieces
it's hard to keep it all together, especially the tiny bits
I don't live here, but I'd like to
I take the 78 to the 5 to the 405 to the 22,
the 405 to the 710 to the 5 to the 101
and I'm off at sunset.
I am trying to build something,
but it is hard without a foundation.
it is hard to build something out of a suitcase.
Aug 2020 · 151
lk ode Aug 2020
Poor little thing
spewing words like poison
gurgling, bubbling poison
a putrid mess from ****** lips.
still you have much to learn

— The End —