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Julia Martin Jul 2019
Her pretty face
Should've stayed away
He was always mine.

You do not know
How far I'll go
For your love to decline.

This dance I've swayed,
This game I've played,
***** tricks I'll use.

You've been warned
Next time I'll harm
Be thankful you're just bruised.
This is reminiscent of a time I was younger and far less moral. A girl I despised and the guy I was in love with (which happened to be my best friend) were starting to like each other. So I became a devious *****. I ruined her reputation and acted like an angel to him. I have him now and although I'm in the wrong, I'm still possessive of him and extremely hostile and wary of her.
Julia Martin Jul 2019
slightly naughty
but actually nice
and somehow kind
often foolish
sometimes wise
an angel
with a devil's smile
Julia Martin Dec 2018
She liked how it looked
Not too flashy, not too plain.
It was black with a few designs
The colors were starting to fade.
It always looked best on him
So he had worn it everyday
"That sweater looks great on you."
That was what she'd always say.
And then one icy evening
She felt a little cold
So he took off his sweater
To protect her from the snow.
"I'm fine." She lied,
As she suppressed a shiver
But he just rolled his eyes
And put the sweater on her.
"It looks great on you too." He said,
She glanced towards the mirror.
Well, it didn't look quite bad
It did things for her figure.
She kept it for awhile
And smelled it when she missed him
It clothed her at some mornings
Or some chilly evening.
She gave it back, of course
For on him it looked better
Now, you must be wondering
What's so spechial about this sweater?
Nothing, actually.
But guess what happens next.
The boy went to college
And the sweater was what he left.
He had lived his life
He had adventures to explore
So he gave her his favorite clothing
And she dare not ask for more.
She loved it cause it smelled like him
It was now the best thing she owned
He would come back for her
So she waited patiently alone.
Years passed, the sweater lost its scent
It just lays by her dresser
It now smells like detergent
The sweater was just a sweater.
Julia Martin Sep 2018
He was a novel

I was the chapter

I begged

And begged

to be his happy ending.
Julia Martin Sep 2018
I was okay, you were great;
We were victims of the same heartache.
The difference: I stayed, you walked away.
Were we destined to fail?

Still, when I left,
I wished you all the best.
I wanted to return,
But our bridges had to burn.

I had hoped tucked within
That God would erase your sins
I prayed to God everyday
That you would somehow change

I thought you were getting better.
I wished you so hard into my forever
But no matter what, it could not work.
****, I guess my prayers weren't heard.
This is about letting go of someone you love so much even though they hurt you constantly and are bad for you.
Julia Martin Aug 2018

Arrogance filled my head
As I skipped every consequence
'I don't pay the price,' I thought
'No one can ever get me caught.'

And so I went on my merry way,
Living in sin day by day.
And when people saw through my lies,
I convinced them to doubt their own eyes.

And then I met a special somebody,
Who trusted me implicitly.
There was not a doubt in his mind
That I knew not how to lie.

The people who I'd despicably used
Tried to show him the awful truth.
They told him of my past sins
But he would refuse to believe.

They presented the solid evidence
Of all the truth they had said
The evidence spoke clear and loud
Still he refused to give me doubt.

He would passionately defended my name,
Said I was the victim of their games.
He thought he slayed my monsters faithfully,
He did not know the true monster was me.

And here is when guilt shows up
For though I am evil, I learned to love.
He furiously fought and drove away
People who loved him, all for my sake.

True love is wishing him all the best
Even when the best isn't yourself,
But how could I possibly give up
The only thing I truly loved?

Before him I loved myself the most,
But my love for him continually rose.
And very slowly I had learned
That sometimes you put others first.

Now all I can feel is regret
That I am not somebody else.
Now myself I've learned to hate
For the sins I've done are countless and great.

I have him constantly deceived
That a good, moral life I've lived.
The things I once was so proud of
Are now the things that make me scoff.

I hate this tongue that always lies
I hate this hand that destroys lives
I hate this head that thinks wickedly.
I hate that all these things make me.

I will never be good enough
I will never deserve his love
And if I even try to change
My past will always stay the same.

And so I'll tell him the truth
That I played him a fool.
I'll spit out every wicked deed I did
And confess every little horrible sin.

And I'll die a little bit inside
When he throws me off his life.
I'll fall to the ground as he walks away,
The greatest price I had to pay.
This poem is about those manipulative girls who get away with ****** by batting their eyelashes and weaving lies that never fail to trick people.
Julia Martin Jul 2018
I have weapons in my aresnal,
Ones I seldom put to use.
But I sharpen my blades everyday
Cause I am not inclined to lose.

First, I'll use my heart
Because is it not a fair trade?
I'll give you mine for yours,
Can a peace treaty be made?

If I need more to give,
Well then I'll give you my mind.
And I'll make **** sure,
You're in it all the time.

If you still ask for more,
Then I present to you my days,
Take the seconds and minutes too,
Use them in any way.

And to prove without a doubt,
This battle for you I want to win,
I'll put in all my hard work
So I could give you anything.

Is that not enough?
I have nothing else to spare.
Everything that matters,
I have placed in your care.

But now, here she comes.
She was weapons of her own.
I didn't think they were strong,
And yet your heart she stole.

She kept her days,
Held unto her heart tight.
I wondered what she'd offer,
When she wouldn't give you her mind.

She showed you her skin;
She showed you her eyes.
The first was fair and smooth,
The second had the color of the sky.

And then she showed you her dimples,
The ones that sat by her flushed cheeks.
Denied you her heart, showed you her chest,
The one image man seeks.

And her smile was her strongest weapon,
For her teeth glittered by the sun.
She was so very beautiful,
And just like that, she was the one.

I wonder how I lost the battle
When she didn't even have to fight.
She showed you her weapons
And you decided she was right.

I'd given you my time, my heart, my mind
And you handed me my defeat.
When she had all that beauty,
How could I compete?
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