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Felicity Paris Oct 2020
summer aches and whines
when heavy blades press against its neck
it's foul; fair game

summer dies, decays, desecrates
suddenly, summer is seasonal;
less tangible than Hell had ever seemed
Felicity Paris Jun 2020
the curls in my hair
unwind without your touch;
they long for the aimless love
you give so generously

the thoughts in my mind
spin endlessly without you
as if every question worth asking
is answered by your voice
Felicity Paris May 2020
we held hands
but mine disappeared in the sunlight

you called me a vampire
when I admitted
I could only love you in the dark
Felicity Paris May 2020
my hero lives inside my television screen
and his gun promises protection
from all the dangers that threaten me

he will remain
without a cause for fear
besides his imminent danger

he will save himself,
just as he promised
in the twelfth minute of the film

the worn out disc
still reminds me
that some promises can be kept
and some guns will never be pointed at me
Felicity Paris May 2020
I phase through walls
and my stomach aches
as if I swallowed the world
and it dissolved in a moment

without the air around me,
can I breathe?
without the ground beneath me,
can I stand?
Felicity Paris May 2020
I want to remember every second
when we felt in love

I wish they did not fade
from my mind like
fog after sunrise

I wish I could restore them
and we could be in love again
and I could love you
and I could be loved

as if I always were
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