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felhusnaa Aug 25
salute people
who knows really well
how to fake feelings
how to fake an act
how to pretend they love us when they aren't
how to pretend that everything is okay while they see us bleeding

how I appreciate their souls for being rotten soon
felhusnaa Aug 25
sometimes, I just wish I was pretty enough.
pretty enough for being a friend,
pretty enough for being a lover,
pretty enough for being a perfect daughter,
pretty enough in everything,
even for being alive.
also for being my self.

sometimes, I wonder how it feels to be called as beautiful for being myself.
For the way I am, like, beautiful in and out.

I am not saying I wish I was one hundred percent perfect.
just pretty sure people get to see me the way I am.
not that 'pretty' the way I look by appearence.

and I, apologize to everyone who I ever met.
for every inch of my part that most of the time makes you barely breath
for every inch of my skin that makes you worry a lot and try to get rid of it
for every inch of my touch that left scars on yours

sorry for being me.

— The End —