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LJ 1d
ever feel so lost
you didn't even see the arrows
that's right in front of you
I'm literally in this state where I don't know what I need to do and what I wanna do. I'm internally screaming for help, trying to ask anyone who can help me. But, at the end of the day, it's really me who can help me, you know?
LJ Jul 24
She is the most colorful tune
I could ever hear,
"You might be the girl,
the first who made me feel like this."

I'm stuck on ruins
Leaves are falling, they are golden
"What are you doing here?"
"Following-- Loving you."

She smiled,
She knows,
Still playing the notes I wanna hear,
Tip toeing on the piano, it hurts.

Someone told me,
"She's happy at the moment"
"I can see,"
But the waters in front of me screams, rumbling through the forest.

She danced as if she's in a play with the trees
Someone is playing violin on a different direction
Butterflies left me behind, smiling and flying towards the instrument,
Ruins became scarier than usual.

She likes me playing my piano,
She loves the one
playing the violin.

She was the most colorful tune
I could ever hear,
"You might be the girl
the first I've ever loved this way."
(c) from a story of a friend.
  Dec 2019 LJ
Sehar Bajwa
just because the star-
fish can grow its arms back does
not mean it didn't hurt.

even though scars heal
and wounds fade it doesn't mean I
will forget the pain.
LJ Nov 2019
I guess I'm scared
because of that dream, I can't explain.
"what if"s come through, running
running, running, running
as if they're about to flow beyond my thinking capacity
"what if you leave?"
"what if you are making your choice right now,
thinking what to say to not make me feel alone"
"what if,
I'm the only one making this work"
what if...
i'm super sad rn. hindi daw kami maguusap idk kung hanggang kelan. tapos nanaginip pa ako ng something na hindi maganda, and parang may meaning na mageend relationship ganun. mami ang hirap.
LJ Sep 2019
sumabay sa pag-agos, ang sabi ng iba
mas hindi ka raw mapapagod, ang sabi ng iba
mas madaling gumaya sa ginagawa nila, ang sabi ng iba
pero bakit ganoon

sinubukan kong sumabay sa agos
sinubukan kong gumaya sa ginagawa nila
pero bakit tila mas napagod pa ako?

iilan lang kaming nagtatanong
iilan lang kaming pilit kumakawala
sa kung anong agos na sinusundan nila.
LJ Apr 2019
Ever feel like overthinking a lot of things?
Like at the end of the day,
You'll feel like, you're not for each other.
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