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Pedro 2d
It was all for too long
held inside too far
gathering vile poison
deep inside your heart

Then it all came down
like river torn asunder
big blasts in the sky
parting clouds with sound of thunder

No stone left unturned
no feeling left to doubt
no tears held back as burden
no cries unsaid aloud

Then it's still

Silence reigns on heavy air
but nevertheless, one can feel
the scent of sorrow and regret

All that was done, all that was said
now feels silly, whimsy, fad
but can I take it back?
The daggers I slit between ourselves?
Is it really all lost to my own pride
my own planned and woven thread?
It is finished
Pedro Nov 16
All fades into mist
lost to time and dust
so why build any higher
what was always meant to rust?
Pedro Nov 15
I long for my land, that I never set foot nor my eyes saw shine under the sun
I wish for the life I never had, tears I never cried and smiles I never allowed myself
I want to be who I never was, walk where I never stepped and feel what I left behind
I want, want what I never had and was never let have. There's a void in my chest, each hurting beat missing a piece of my heart that was never there
I am and am because I was, but I no longer want to be. I want to be someone else and myself, less of me and more of me. I want to be who I could have been
I dream with a past that never existed. A future that won't come. A present that isn't
Hiraeth, Sehnsucht, Saudade
Pedro Nov 13
fasten your pace
like mice in a maze
no sleep
cause tomorrow is yesterday
the future has just passed
and you're late for your 20's
too late to be a child
tell me, when did the turn of the clock
became so meaningless, so vile
that the mere passing of seconds
are now years gone by?
Pedro Oct 27
I thread the path
you marked for me
so what look is that
those words on your lips?
Like I failed the task
like I failed to be
always more and never enough
when will you see
it's asking too much?
the weight is too heavy
Pedro Sep 25
There's a tomorrow
for every night
rest and respite
for every war and fight
and there's someone else too, my love
out there in the blue
but that someone else
just isn't you
Pedro Sep 25
Like the air I breathe
in every heartbeat
all I am, all I can hear
in the waking of my own dreams
all there is, whispers on the wind
the birds in the sky and the flap of their wings
color in my eyes
sunlight in my skin
all there is
all there ever will be
all there is
in and outside of me
all there is
is you
couldn't rhyme this one properly, but oh well
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