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fasika berhane Dec 2018
Memories are but,
a walking dead
thin strings
inside your head,
with their x-mass tree bulb
ብልጭ & ድርግም your heart.  
light up your wounds,
guilty pleasures.
Deeming bruises and scars.  
?Displaying moments
with a 3D screen
on repeat?
no next button
or forward,
only pause or replay.
Sometimes, on every pause
you see your future.
you see You
picking a sun flower
the one that blossoms in ፀደይ <3  
a wrinkle in time
leaping for
new joy
another new season.
With new actors
But, still there is always
a flash back, reminder
or a cut from previous season.
And on those moments
some how, have????? ignored the present
?just like you've ignored some neighbors or society.  
society who lives, in more deeper memories themselves,
and claims you crazy.
But,who would dare to tell them
that, you are some how,
in a bed inside your head
tangled by the arms of memories
soothing sounds of violin
tucked with a furry ብርድ ልብስ a
and fluffy kitten
but you still hear voices of people,
like morning birds chirping,
tend to wake up
choose sleeping.
fasika berhane Mar 2017
Maybe people never find “the one” because they’re so busy looking for “the 10th"
fasika berhane Jan 2017
I found out after a week
last Saturday
was as just like the other days
no prince charming
and he is not the one
but just a fling.
# not again  # I never learn  #helpless  # prove one thing everyday
fasika berhane Dec 2016
Oh time machine
If you really exist
please take me back
take me back
to my sweet childhood
To my favourite part
Yes please Time Machine
Take me back to the first time I
open my little eyes
After I was brought to the world
by fate
from a very KIND WOMAN.
My Mommy is amazing and so kind. all I can say is thank you Mommy I love you <3
fasika berhane May 2016
Nothing is forever
Nothing stays the same

Everything changes through time,
even one's bad name

A giant cliff  a top a wood
turns to plain

dreams come true in time
like tears drops from a pain

A place at the edge
becomes a center
As all the foggy misconceptions
come clearer

And since
There is no pain no gain
don't back up now take a risk
enjoy the burn
and the flame

just win the Game
not the delusional Fame.
fasika berhane Feb 2016

Am not my body anymore
cause my body follows my feelings
and things I adore.
am not my mind either
my mind only think about
yesterday,now and latter.
I am my soul from now on
cause that's who I really am
and who i ever will be
so that it remind me
the higher purpose of life
that I got from my creator
the purpose of creation
I came across
the whole and a part
the nothing and everything
knowing,being experiencing
the good the bad and the nothing

being my soul
now I know am not merely existing
because I start living
from his breath I got life
and from his love
I realize that
nothing will tear my soul  and God
That I will forever be
his part.
fasika berhane Feb 2016
Do I have to act good
To make you love me?
Do I have to pretend am perfect
To make you fall for me?
Or hide every part of me
For you not to judge me
Or hate me?
Well, love me or hate me
I'll be care free
I'll be just me
I am not going to act around
What wouldn't represent me
Am not going to try something foolish
That can't be me
It is not because I hate you
Not because I love me
It is just because I am me
and Nothing or nobody
even love could never change me.
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