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Farzaneh Qaf Apr 1
Never ask me for the reason
I am like a changing season
See me as if I am a tree
Buried my roots, still I'm free
Tired people, sit under me
Hide from devils, she or a he
Bunch of branches,
Come out of me
Holy Francis
Blind may not see
No more of a holly essence, O'Devine ******
No need for title babe, Qaf is a core
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 27
To all stars who are awake
Shall we have some piece of a cake?
I won't eat much
Neither know dutch
What I want now!
Some Bless, Waite! Bawl
Meet me in the rain?
Such a pain..
Memories ..
What are we?
Some animals..
Paranoia, all around
Hallelujah, I won't count
Wanna get drunk?
I stay conscious
I chose mapen
Won't talk a
Farzaneh Qaf Mar 25
My beginning is the nature
That's why I have no signature
True love is when
I'm with a lion
Coming from cosmos
He is my patron
O'Heavenly mother of nature
I, thy fruit, who is not mature
Look down, I'm here
Call me thy dear
Talk to me, Please,
Give me some beer
I need you here
Come closer, near
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
we were just two corns in a hot farm
sun on us, harsh ****, terrible harm
every men, waiting
for us get burned
better taste maybe
horrible fate
we went on a journey
such a long trip
riding on a donkey
of a Maize ****
one became Pop
and the other Oil
holy saint, whatever
give me your soul
world goes on pops and oils
old men who rule it and write laws
soon our bodies wont be enough
they will come for our souls
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
get out of my way
I tell you
don't answer my "hey"
I beg you
this time
I don't want to love you
not mine
I won't like to touch you
no more suffer
no more pain
truth and love for  you?
so vain....
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
As we're waiting for some unique things
to happen
There can be more routines
No one like them
But so often they happen
Everyone is expecting a lover
Why don't we try to think a little bit higher?
Love is sensible everywhere
Even in war
If We feel much happier than a drunk man in a bar
Farzaneh Qaf Aug 2018
Missing seconds
Are so ***** and true
Even though not certainly objected
Creature miss each other
For no reason
Unknown part is
It's hard to find two people missing each other in one life season
You miss her she for him him for probably another her
Who is getting where?
Man! For the sake of an apple
You've lead us into this ****
Someone stop it
Or Just ring a bell
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