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nothing Jan 4
they say if you
don’t make dollars,
you don’t make sense

but im just a high
school kid, getting paid
10 pence, for a
backbreaking job

im coherent, and
its tolerable,
you see

this phrase doesn’t make
much sense to me
nothing Dec 2018
im mediocre,
i can do a lot of things,
jack of all trades.

a master of none,
im never thought of highly,
an awkward kid trying.
nothing Dec 2018
i tend to ask myself why;
          am i alone;
i dont mind the isolation;
          i just need others;
but i push people away;
          i dont accept anyone;
im now the edge;
          and now i have no one to catch me;
im falling;
three poems like last time
nothing Dec 2018
isolation,                         feeling
the silence                      completely
calms;                   ­           numb;
i am                                 never
whole,                  ­            finding
the reason why i call this poem "three poems" is because there is a poem if you read the left side, the right side, and across

— The End —