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UNIQUE Mar 2019
Love me for i am broken
Love me as i am
Love me with depression
Love me for i am afraid to be myself
Love me as it is hard to love myself
Love me for the pain that i am stuck with and my head
Love me for my crazy funny laugh and smile
Love me for my mood swings as they change
Love me as the day turns gray as my heart turns away from the hurt you caused love me for my past and my misunderstanding how love really works i am who i am love me or just get out of my life because my love is pure and rare i will always remain to be the same
Love me
UNIQUE Mar 2019
I don't understand why do I always end up with a guy who treats me like i am less then what i am i fight depression everyday and for him to add more to my life is sad but i dont know how to leave growing up not knowing what love really was... So does that make me dumb **** i feel so ashamed to be myself i feel so depressed being around him he calls me fat and tells me other girls are beautiful he remains me of my abusive father i am only 23 years old and i am feeling so ashame to be me i never felt alive i stay in a box Where no one will see or him me I'm sorry that i am always writting these ****** poems it's okaye if nobody reads them
UNIQUE Jan 2019
you say that we need this time
and yeah I know you're right
but you know it's gonna be real hard
no hand to hold at night
i know it's now and not forever
but I'm real tired of this cloudy weather
cause the sun don't shine when you're not here
and I miss the feeling of you being near
we cried and embraced and kissed away the tears
you told me that you loved me and that you wouldn't disappear
I told you the same and we hugged away the pain
cause we both know that soon comes better days
bittersweet tears running down my face
I smiled and whispered "it's gonna be okay"
you looked up through your tear filled eyes and whispered
"it's gonna be girl
UNIQUE Jul 2018
I once was in love with someone who doesnt  love me he take my heart for granted i cry and cry my tears are now dry i fall felt on my bed crying thinking inside my head wondering hoping wishing to have your heart but you leave me like an old **** yet i still try ..try to be there and yet i know your love for me is gone
UNIQUE Jul 2018
I remember when we were so pure our love was untouchable I remember your voice in my ear telling me how much you were in love with me mind body and soul those words run so deep down my spine it gave me chills like no other I've never yearn for your love as much as I yearn for yours now the day you left made my heart crumble into a thousand pieces but when we were together I remember your soft skin you're dreaming Journey eyes that took me on a worldwide Adventure I remember those pointless drives where we drive down Lake Shore with no direction or destination. I remember when we used to cuddle and watch movies laugh and kiss your soft lips against mine I remember you said forever and never will I leave you you will always be mine I remember those words like yesterday...
were you playing in my hair and you look in my innocent beautiful eyes and tell me how beautiful I am as you caress your fingers across my soft skin you tell me how you don't want this moment to never end I look at you and see my future as bright as the Moon on a night so peaceful and blue I stood there next to you telling you how much you mean to me telling you all my pain and sorrow as you comfort me..I lay my head on your shoulder and as you pull me in closer my knees begin weaken by yourself touch and by the sound of your voice put me at ease put me at peace you touch my mind body and soul I'll remember you
Good memories
UNIQUE Jul 2018
Why does it hurt to smile
And cry at the same time...
Why does the pain I feel inside never leaves me it stays just like the scars on my arms and the bruises on my heart as I put it through a battle of War why do I feel so hopeless and helpless I don't know which way to turn I pray for protection and I'm scared of rejection is anyone there I use to laugh but I am crying and I put on a mask and act like I am Okaye why am I filled with so much hurt and broken pieces would i ever know where love comes from is anybody out there very insecure and looking for something warm to hold on to but there's nobody out there why do I have to be alone why why just tell me please why
UNIQUE Jul 2018
Everybody I wake up feeling alone with nobody to hold or love I feel empty and shameful my family nobody wants to be around me it feel so painful like somebody has ripped my heart out of my chest as I bleed out sorrow I remember crying out loud from my mom to always be there for me and is like the flashbacks get worse and worse as the day goes by I yearn for my mother's touch I yearn for her love are yarn for my father's love and it's like they don't want anything to do with me like I never existed and then when I try to reach out to anyone to love me it's impossible knowing that you feel invisible I walk around feeling invisible like I don't even exist people say they love you but show you different I never knew what love was and probably never will with me being so depressed dealing with bipolar depression anxiety in a personality disorder
Feeling empty and invisible
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