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Izzie Apr 2020
Pleasure, oh pleasure!
It’s my pleasure to be
Your personal non-treasure
It’s a pleasure to me

It hurts as it may
But trust me when I say
It’s a pleasure today
Or it will be someday

Pleasure, oh pleasure
Yes, make me bleed
Pleasure, oh pleasure
I’m in such a need

A pleasure is anything,
anything can it be
Dying and crying,
not being able too see

‘Cause when it’s dark
and it’s dark
Some people get scared
But darkness’s a pleasure
So it shouldn’t be feared

Pleasure oh pleasure
whatever you be
Pleasure oh pleasure
Please don’t come for me
Izzie Mar 2020
Get help!
Get help!
They scream
They shout

My thoughts are of no doubt

I'm looking for a warm house

The trust
Was all lies
Izzie Mar 2020
The petal dropped.
It fell.

Tears filled my eyes,
My body got cold.
'Nothing' was in my mind,
Love was just old.

All thoughts were gone,
Except for the one
That said that this was the end.

It was just one
already dry flower.
It was just one single
Out of many petals,
That fell to the ground.
Izzie Jan 2020
Step on those stones
Step on them stones
’Trust me just don’t’
They scream in my home

But if you don’t,
they’ll stand in your way
There’ll be nowhere to move
Nowhere to stay

If you loosen your grip
and walk them over
You’ll forever be quite hungover

You’ll blame yourself
‘Cause you will remember
When you stepped on them stones
Though you tried to be tender

Step on them stones
Or maybe just don’t
Step on them stones
It’s impossible to not
Step on them stones
Step on them stones
Forget your sweet home
Step on them stones
Izzie Mar 2019
is creating
Or maybe,
It’s just waiting
I’ll never be the same
my life is just a game
I could’ve just
Been killed over and over again,
All my life

Never is forever
Or maybe,
Forever is never
I’m found without no dress
When I could be
living in success

True love lasts for life
But maybe,
it only picks your knife
I’m always loving,
But never loved
Or it could be like
I have never loved anybody
But always have been loved,
By everybody

I’m drowning in a sea of tears
Or dying of laughter, year after year
I’m running away from home
But maybe,
home catches me
when I’m far away,
All alone
I’m stepping on my own feet
Or I’m really just changing seat
Izzie Mar 2019
Dear crossroad,
Give me advice
Right or left
May both give life,
May both give death
But may it happen in many ways

Dear road,
There is no return
But too much regret
Keep on going
Keep on hoping
Keep on believing that you might survive the upcoming turn

My dearest one,
Memories won’t come back
Future is knocking on my door
My nickname is not my name
But my name is not sure

Dear living
Please let me know
If I am alive
Or if I am dead,
everything might just be happening inside my head

— The End —