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Sep 2020 · 176
The Mother of Sorrows
The Messiah Sep 2020
The tree of life is watered with her tears
Who mourns the Word of Truth denied by fools.
She weeps amid the sounds of jests and jeers:
While mockers mock she sheds her sorrow's jewels.
Her jewels return to dust whence all jewels come.
Rivers of flawless tears run rapid, fed
By bottomless wells of grief; the ****** scrum
Disgracefully disports before the dead.
A bleeding heart and broken, her heart's quake
Trembles the earth and splits it; streams of blood
Divine and purest tears into a lake
Puddle and pool with sorrow, dust, and mud.
Within her heart a sea of bitterness swells.
Her grief, the ocean's roar, resounds in shells.
The Messiah Aug 2020
The Most High in Heaven
Seventy times seven
Times has forgiven
This sinner who should 
In twain be riven,
For the LORD is good.
Aug 2020 · 170
The Messiah Aug 2020
The day is done;
The summer sun
    Has set.
In quiet nests
Soft lovebirds' *******

My fledgling faith
Will soon defy death,
And fly about
A day without
     An end.
Aug 2020 · 201
The Messiah Aug 2020
Good morning, God.
The dawning day
Chases night's ghosts
The heralds of morn,
The early birds,
Are singing songs
     With words.

Good God, who sees
Each every squirm,
And gives the bird
     The worm,
Give us this day
Our daily bread
(And light and life)
Aug 2020 · 202
Merry Was the Little Lamb
The Messiah Aug 2020
How doth the merry little lamb
     Whose fleece is white as snow,
And who was born a very ram,
     A-frolic to and fro.

He sports and plays, doth safely graze,
     And spots a busy bee;
And then a minute he doth chase
     The bug with mirthful glee.

A minute more, he's crying out,
     And bleating with dismay.
The bee has stung him on the snout
     And marred his splendid day!

Beware, the bee is only friend
     To others of his kind.
The stinger on his latter end
     Was made for lambs to mind.
Aug 2020 · 180
Remember Golgotha
The Messiah Aug 2020
From the last supper eaten with the twelve,
To His ascension into highest Heaven,
The Son of Man endured, and drank His cup,
Obeyed the higher will of Father God.
And the one man that ever was truly guiltless
Submitted to a trial by the law;
And guilty found, He spilled His spotless blood
For me, for you, for every one of us.
Thanks be to God for His great sacrifice.
Thanks be to God for His longsuffering.
Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.
Thanks be to God who gives us victory.
In trying times, may always I remember:
Golgotha proves the road to Paradise.
Jul 2020 · 156
Jesus Fish
The Messiah Jul 2020
Yes, life is short.
It's a short cavort.
But when it's done,
You live again
Where time there's none
And never's been.

And when you wish
A pun a star,
The Jesus fish
Were better far,
Since Jesus can,
Lord, save a man.
Jul 2020 · 152
Made Perfect
The Messiah Jul 2020
He makes the sun to rise and shine;
     His breath inspires the wind;
He fattens the fruit, ferments the wine;
     And makes the grape thin-skinned.

Because of Him fat raindrops fall;
     He clouds and clears the skies.
God makes the deaf to hear His call,
     And makes the foolish wise.
Jul 2020 · 117
Like a Trapped Raccoon
The Messiah Jul 2020
[based on a true story]

While searching through dumpsters to see what treasures I could find, I discovered in one a trapped raccoon that had no way out. He was there at the bottom with a couple bags of garbage, looking concerned. The walls were too high for him to climb, but his stomach was bigger than his foresight, and all he could see was food, and he jumped in from an overhanging branch of a tree. And now he was in a bind that he couldn't get out of.

Being, to him, the very image of God, I solved his problem immediately by carefully laying diagonally inside the death trap a long plank of wood (nearby trash) that extended out of it, into freedom. And even as I was arranging the plank, he was already on it and making his way up.

My Lord, Jesus Christ, thank you for saving the raccoon that was me! and for extending to me the cross that I climbed to salvation!
Jul 2020 · 151
Lines Written in Dejection
The Messiah Jul 2020
I'm neither what nor who I'd choose to be
          If such were up to me:
               A most inferior
               Ex- and interior,
          By intelligent design,
                    Are mine,
Even as grace received makes me divine.   

Yet, what I am is not what I shall be
          When Him, the Lord, I see;
               For then the glorious,
               Righteous, victorious
          Person of Christ, our Lord,
                    The Word
Made flesh, will make us two of one accord.
Jul 2020 · 228
The Baptism by Fire
The Messiah Jul 2020
The LORD will have us
As he wills:
He will chasten us
And chastise us,
And, by fire,
He will baptize us;
For the Lord, Christ Jesus,
Came not to please us,
But to save us.
Jul 2020 · 161
Glory to God!
The Messiah Jul 2020
Without a whit of goodness from my birth,
Iniquitously living day by day,
Out from the center of my sinful earth,
T'ward self-fulfillment, poor, I made my way.
Nothing to glorify within myself,
Yet glory-seeking for my own self's sake,
I heard vain fancy, too deceiving elf;
And, cheated well, I listened to the snake.
But now, the Holy Spirit having entered
Into my life and spirit, and my soul,
I have within (the which within is centered)
The holiest of holies to extol.  
Glorious God! I render unto Thee
The glory that is Thine that is in me!
Jul 2020 · 188
Hotter than Hell
The Messiah Jul 2020
Hotter than hell, the sun is burning
The firm, fixed earth that isn't turning,—
The firm, fixed earth that's very, very,
Verily, very stationary,—
Immovably firm on its foundation,
As God has made it, His creation.
The Messiah Jul 2020
Guilty, convicted I have been
For unconfessed, undisclosed sin.
I’ve stood in court, and there denied
My sin, and Him who for us died.
And never can a pardon be given
To those who never give an admission
Of guilt, but who maintain the lie,
Deny the truth, and thereby die.
Only the total truth declared
In open court, openly aired,
With honest rue and true contrition,
Will win a sinner’s sins remission.
The truth avowed is the one solution
For souls that seek their absolution.
Jul 2020 · 257
Growing Up
Jul 2020 · 480
For the Love of God
The Messiah Jul 2020
I love You, LORD, with all my heart,
And all my soul, and all my mind,
And all my strength (my weakest part),—
With all myself in all combined.
Strengthen me, God; refine my core,
That I may love You all the more.
Jul 2020 · 241
Christ in Majesty
The Messiah Jul 2020
Jehovah be praised
Ever and always!

Christ, Your begotten Son
Has risen
Righteous on Your right hand
In Heaven,
Sitting on His
Jul 2020 · 589
The Donkey of God
The Messiah Jul 2020
Who's heard me has a miracle heard:
God makes this ******* speak The Word.
Jul 2020 · 716
To Serve the Lord
The Messiah Jul 2020
Neither to gain a place in paradise,
Nor yet to win a pride vainglorious,
Should any true believer sacrifice
And follow Christ by taking up his cross.
For that the King of kings, and Lord of lords,
Gave up the ghost for others to atone,
Likewise deny yourself for no rewards,
But only thus, to serve the Lord alone.
Glorious God in highest Heaven works
His wonders here on Earth for sinful man,
For love of man, in whom vile evil lurks,
Beneath the firmament's star-vaulted span.
Praise to the Lord! the Father and the Son
And Holy Ghost!  Thy will be ever done!
Jun 2020 · 263
A Lullaby
The Messiah Jun 2020
Babysweet, sleep a deep deep sleep,
     Woolly and soft and white.
The pure white dove of peace and love
     Follow upon his flight.

This is the day the LORD hath made;
     He makes them even and odd.
Float down the stream of gentle dream
     To Him, the Lamb of God.
Jun 2020 · 141
Pro God
The Messiah Jun 2020
You're yes or else
you're no;

no middle way
to go;

you're anti Christ
or pro.
Jun 2020 · 232
Seventy Times Seven
The Messiah Jun 2020
Glory to God in the highest!
Glory to Him whose throne is in heaven!
Glory to God, the Lord Almighty!
Glory to seventy times seven!
Jun 2020 · 266
A Prayer
The Messiah Jun 2020
Bedeviled by sin,
And sick within,
Please, make me whole,
Spirit and soul.

Corrupted, Shame
My middle name,
I pray, O Lord,
To be restored.  

In truth I've heard
The sacred word.
May every lie
Within me die.
Jun 2020 · 247
Thanks Be to God
The Messiah Jun 2020
Thanks be to God
for heaven
and earth,
for rain
and rebirth,
for saving grace
that's undeserved,
and for the bloodstains on the cross.
Jun 2020 · 420
Day One
The Messiah Jun 2020
Lord Jesus Christ,
slain sacrificed
begotten Son
of Father God,
(whose will be done
in heaven, in earth),

the day was good
when light and shade
divided made
day one, and He
our Father knew,
but I've had doubts,
but now I see.

— The End —