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Faith Aldridge Mar 2015
Before going to America, I had never experienced being in such a large cities such as LA or Denver. On the several occasions in which we were in Denver, I noticed a strange feeling of lifelessness, an air of unhappiness and a kind of mutual unimportance. It made me feel uncomfortable and I only became calm once again when we returned to the beautiful natural surroundings of Vail. Why was this the case? Why was the attitudes of people different when only driving an hour or two into the mountains?

I believe that being surrounded by the sky high concrete and metal buildings, people have become desensitized to their natural surroundings and so have also become un in-touch with their inner selves and well beings. How can someone really be in touch with themselves if they are unable to see the earth from which they came from, which is now covered in concrete? How can someone get in touch with themselves when they are unable to hear the call of a bird above the sound of cars, telling them to return to themselves?
Faith Aldridge Mar 2015
He lingers
on my skin
It's heaven*
But it's sin
Faith Aldridge Jun 2014
wrapped around my waist
brush against my forehead
the sweet taste
as he kisses my lips
his hands on my hips
draw invisible numbers
8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
my heart beats the rythym
as his fingers dance within
until the clock strikes 12
the magic is broken and I am

— The End —