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fairy bog Sep 2015
So beautiful is the midnight with you
and you are mine alone.

I will keep you warm in night's cold,
here in the dark everything is sincere.

I am yours to cherish
and that you do, never to lose me.
fairy bog Sep 2015
Your love spills over me so gracefully,
with no effort, I fell with you so fast
and every darkness fades.

Peacefully asleep in my arms, breathing
kissing your sweet hands as they lay in mine
nothing could keep me from you.

So small, so frail you saved me, gave me life
your smile, precious is all I ever need
promising me only joy and love

after love.
fairy bog Sep 2015
A river black, is rising, drinking water for the wolves.
Violently the foam engulfs the rocks in a lovely roaring song.
The reflection of the hanging moon, haunting.
The dark filling my eyes, how shallow, the life once was.
So swallowed down I am.
At night only the white gleaming marrow of bone,
a contrast to this darkened bed of death.
At rest, far from the waves a longing hum is deep within this skull.

— The End —