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vel Oct 2019
daredevil; sprinting through the streets, jumping from one roof to another

we see him from our stained windows in awe and fear

we see him approaching, deafening footsteps getting louder

we fire at him - rifles spewing lead

he beats us down, his dark figure looming over us

"how is he so unafraid," i thought, helpless

he was brave, but it is not that he was not afraid

because a man is only brave when he has fears to overcome

men who act with "courage" while endangering their lives, they are known as reckless
vel Jul 2019
my biggest problem is that i'm the smallest problem

as a drill instructor, i am physically the most miniature of my colleagues

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

a group of trainees confronted me, a whole squad

they told me they felt disrespected by how i treated them even though i treated them as how any instructor would

they surrounded me, all thirty of them, all with fists clenched and ready to have a go

i did not back down, i stood tall

as tall as i could

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"as an adult, you should show us a little more respect. as an adult, you should be better. this is just for your reference - Sir."

they were all smiling, at least half of them towering over me

they think i'm just some kid just because they were bigger than me

"the standards of your drills has to be better," i replied. "as future officers i need you to be better."

they all looked at me, down on me

i refuse to let the standards of officers undee my charge fall

but they refused to let an instructor half their size tell them what to do
vel Jul 2019
they say drowning is the worst way to die

you hold your breath as long as you can

but your lungs give out as you gasp for air

but you know it's a lie

water begins to fill your lungs

you're choking and your mind screams for help

but nobody comes

in the dark abyss of the ocean
keeping a theme among the past few titles
vel Jun 2019
as he filled his lungs with the smoke from his cigar

he looked to me and said

that i was the reason that he couldn't breathe

breaking up with me as he kicked me out of his car
vel Jun 2019
673 billion breaths in a lifetime

but the moments where we are truly living

are the moments that take our breath away
vel Apr 2019
raise your hand if you like the way you're treated
and if you didn't raise your hand
then you should raise your standards
things i say as an instructor
vel Mar 2019
"brothers in arms", that's what you said we were
when we got into trouble, we went in together to face the world
but when it came down to it, you threw me under
convicted; for a crime i didn't commit
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