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  2d exst
Within my own mind,
I’m a prisoner.
Within my own heart,
I’m a victim.
Within my own body,
I’m a stranger.
exst Nov 2018
Though the pieces remain
They are now
Subject to change
Like rain
nourishing a
dry plain
The soul has much
to gain
With each new step forward
A new installment
Less weight hallment
A better callment
To my brothers and sisters
In arms

exst Nov 2018
Crazy Hegelian dialectic in my head
Half from myself
Others from the books i've read
Lots of monsters under the bed
The Rose is burning bright bright red
Where is ted
He's Down
with the feds
In the Ocean
Applying lotion
Perpetual motion
Lots of commotion
Crazy thoughts in my mind
Makes for steam of consciousness rhyme
If I see a cat I'm kind
No longer do I do them lines
Instead I sit in my cell and do my time
Or else I'll
Lose my thunder
My soul I plunder

Just as
any poet
exst Nov 2018
Man just go like a rocket
******* on her ***** like a socket
Swear I had some more words but forgot it
Picking up the mike now so yeah drop it

Swallowing as many drugs as I can
A ****** up existential man plan
Stealing bare money off his nan
Really can't kick the can
Hope you can help me understand
Why the UK is a ****** up land
Tories got no real plans
Brexit a messed up ham
**** that gammon man


A grand in a week up his nose
Flexing a dependence pose
Makes for a weird flow
Turned up late for the show
Needed Half gram lines of blow
exst Nov 2018
Sneaky devil's
Christ is
the true Rebel
He cranks up the treble
and pumps up the bass ,
He is the personification of grace
He's sits in a heavenly place
He loves the human race
He's here in this place ( my home )
He always wins the race
While pushing your face
  back Down into the dirt .
Christ has got my back
He protects against your attacks
He's better than crack
He wears a rain Mack
Which shine's like
a thousand stars

Because ....
God is love for sure
He's stood at the door
Waiting for us all
to come in

And  join   the   party
exst Nov 2018
Be kind
Always consider
Other peoples feelings
We never know
What demons
They might be fighting
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