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fool Dec 2021
May your laughter forever set my heart ablaze
fool Dec 2021
I hope that heaven strikes me dead before I get the chance to challenge
The concept of eternity since Death isn’t quite so valiant
I’ve tried to place myself in their arms but they still refuse to take me
So instead I’ll stay until the day that the world ends in entirety
fool Dec 2021
It was with tired eyes I thought I knew myself finally as a person
When I was staring off into darkness with only my breathing for company did I think I was alive
The restless way I tossed and turned reminded me of all those nights I’ve spent alone
Only to realize that being alone doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped living
fool Dec 2021
My mother would often tell me, “don’t let a moment ruin any more moments. That is time wasted you will never get back so why waste it.”
So with that and sidelined pride I learned apologies are more believable if you smile and that people are easily tricked by false confidence
Moments spent to buy moments better lived I suppose, maybe I was only chasing a concept
A metaphor mistakenly taken seriously but who will ever know for my moments won’t be divvied out to the explanation for more than these few breaths
So may similes often feel like physicalities and moments be no more than moments
Since why would you want to let the past hold onto the future for more than you allow ?
- Moments now dedicated to the woman I will forever be willing to give more moments to
fool Oct 2021
Well lookie that
If it isn’t my good ol’ pal
     Existential Crisis
Back again
How kind
fool Oct 2021
I give to you my heart to break
And leave my suffering in your wake
For I would do it a hundred times
As long as I can look into your eyes
For I love you dearly in all the right ways
And you love me more and to me you say
You’ll stay forever and love me true
As long as I keep on loving you
But if the love for me does die
Just come and look me in the eye
That way I can tell you just once again
Come back to me even though your love is spent
fool Oct 2021
Everybody loves change
As long as nothing changes
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