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Excoexist Feb 2015
I looked myself in my closet and turned off all of the lights in my room. It was symbolic what I was doing. Locking myself in the closet because I’m terrified of coming out and facing whats outside of those doors. Things start to go blurry and I don’t remember much. My body was on auto pilot and was controlling itself when I found my hidden blades. I snapped back into reality when I felt blood draining down my wrist. There was so much blood I… I was overwhelmed. I ran out of my room  and upstairs to the bathroom. I lock the door and searched for the first aid kit while my right hand applied pressure to my left wrist. I found a gauze and a few band-aids. I hissed as the water flowed through my cuts and watched the sink fill with my blood. I was shaking but managed to clean up the mess I’d left behind. I sat in the bathroom lifeless for god know how long until mom called saying dinner was ready. I couldn’t eat and felt sick to my stomach. All I could think about was that fact that my parents were completely unaware of the event that had just taken place.
February 16, 2014 10:21PM

— The End —