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The lights aren’t so bright,
I entered the inside unknowingly,
But before I go I know what I will be missing.

If I only could stay I would,
Don’t look down on me, it doesn’t mean I let go,
It just as I came in unknowingly,
I never had planned to leave.

I would miss the sun and the moon,
They had never stop looking at me with their beauty,
I will miss the two mountains that feed me day and night,
I will miss the tenderness of the valleys that carried my rain each time am troubled.

I wish to take her with me but many will suffer without her beauty,
Please world be kind to her.
I wish to stand strong with her even after this life and keep her safe,
But only he who plans the unknown knows if it’s possible.

I sink the moon and sun of mine,
That yours may feel the void it leaves behind,
Remember for every sun and moon it can never be replaced,
Some will always feel its void,
Please be kind nurse my little offsprings.
May my prayer beheld to the ends of the heaven and earth
Before I go, go with my little ones my Lord and savior
Living the world behind
A sleeping beauty you are,
I can’t stand your seducing voice,
When you’re asleep,
I can’t stand your seducing eyes,
When you’re asleep,
Dear beauty.

I love you more when you’re asleep,
For the river of your tenderness are opened,
For I can’t stand it but I can fall for it,
Dear beauty.

Oooh! My sleeping beauty,
I can sing all night to keep you asleep,
At night all the mountains and hills become plains,
And you face become clear to me.

Oooh! Dear beauty,
Why don’t you look sleepy at day?
I wish you be sleepy at day time,
So the world may see,
And believe my darling beauty,
Dear beauty.

And if not let our wedding be at night,
Like a flower at night,
Like a star at night,
Like an angel at night,
Dear beauty.

As your smile takes me away to dream land,
As your tenderness takes my rough surface away,
And as I will always love you day and night,
Dear beauty.

As leaves fall on the ground
I fall in love with you,
For my heart beat is a melody of my love for you.
My sweat after a hard work know this, a rain of my love for you just pass bye.
Dear beauty.

May my chest be a pillow to you,
May my hug be your morning bless,
May my smile be a miracle of your heart,
Dear beauty,
you are my sleeping love.
When she is rough and tough at night just wait until she is falling asleep and you will love her.
I began the journey alone,
And only God knows where it ends.

I walk through the valley with God’s words,
Alone in my heart.
I met the wild cats and thought of them as companion,
Until I run out of food,
And I became a meal to them.

On a plain landscape of short grass,
All seems well,
Until the storm decides to join in,
With thunder at each turn,
I lay down and holding on to myself,
I pray to the Lord for it to pass.

I crossed the rivers,
I walked through the valley,
And climbed mountains,
My trust lays with the Lord.
As I climb the mountain,
And made an altar for the Lord,
I kneel down praying and for a reason I wait,
Then I felt to reach out my hand behind,
And I touched you.
A touch so cold and hot,
That it felt unbelievable.
As I turned my eyes,
I saw the beauty of a rose,
I saw the shinny of the sun,
I saw a glimpse of the two moons with stars,
It took a moment for me to realize it’s you.

You look like me,
But you are not me,
You dream like me,
You put your trust in the Lord.

I thank God every day,
That I have you in this journey.

May my heart sing God’s presence every day.
May my soul worship day and night,
For he has done marvelously,
May my mind think of his loving glory each day.
I thank God for you.
Sometimes thanking God may be the greatest thing the heart may need
Let us take a walk,
And I promise you,
You will never regret.
For every step we will take together,
Through the hills and the valley,
I will walk with you.

Let us take a walk,
And if tired I will carry you,
I will never let you go,
For in the storm I will be with you,
And if tornado follows I will be there with you.

Let us take a walk and if tired I will carry you,
I shall not forsake you.
I will carry your comfort for you,
And if weak and disappointed rest on me.

Let us take a walk,
And let the Lord be my witness,
It will take all the heaven and earth,
For me to let you down.
So Ooh! God help me.

Let us take a walk,
And I will go to the ends of the world for you,
And if it won’t be enough,
I will even go to the ends of heaven.

Let us take a walk and share every moment together,
For every moment with you is a miracle,
Let us take a walk,
And father will never regret giving me you,
For I will walk in his footsteps and bring you along.

Let us take a walk,
And be heroes of one another.
Taking a walk under the sky requires more than just a alk
A good day I never knew,
A new day had no difference,
Every point tests the same.

Time rot in my bowl,
Sand was breakfast,
A cold stone lunch,
Time rot in my bowl.

Time rot in my bowl,
Until the day a shooting star stuck on my sky.
A shooting star that brighten my day.

Time rot in my bowl no more,
The beautiful shooting star made my day beautiful,
My shooting star,
With brightness you have beautify my sky,
Now when in trouble I can look up,
And hope for the best.

Now miracles shine under my sky,
My shooting star your smile shakes my heart,
Your dance rains my joy.

Ooh! My shooting star,
Stuck in my sky forever.

May time no longer rot in my bowl,
For you are that spice I waited for,
Dreamt of,
Imagine each day and night,
My shooting star stuck in my sky.

Ooh! My heart praise the Lord almighty,
For the shooting star stuck in my sky.

Keep on smiling,
For I dance for it, in ink.
When I think of that special friend of mine
Down on my knees
I look to the sky,
And I see your hand.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

In prison I was a prisoner,
But in your hands am your child.
In darkness I lived like a duck,
But in the light am in the right place.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

I thought I could walk on the floods of this world,
But I sunk thinking of happiness.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

Now I flout on the floods of this world for the breath of life is in me.
The rainbow keeps my heart at peace.

Your grace found me,
When whole is lost.
Your courage towards me,
Brought me down on my knees.

Jesus Lord God your graceful courage landed in me and made me of loyal blood.
The graceful courage runs my soul.
Sometimes all that is needed is grace from above nothing more or less would do.
I wait to see you again,
for my heart goes with you,
you are the star of my life,
the dream that I will always wish for it to be true,
Is to marry you.

Please don’t forget,
I love you,
I stand because I love you.
never give up,
never give in,
and wait for me,
baby love.

For every heart bit
of my heart,
I hear your name,
my love for you is strong,
And I will never forget the test of your lips
and your smooth skin.

Your words,
that always tell me ,
I can,
and never to give up.
Baby love
you are the diesel of my life,
You are the wonderful part of my life,
You are the flowers
that makes my life meaning full.
without you am dry,
and better dead,
for I can’t live
without you,

Without you
I will have to give up
all my dreams
for you are the roots of everything.
I can’t sleep without a thought of you,
I can’t smile
without knowing you are safe,
I may be a man
but I need you more than a man needing a woman.

Like a bird
I whisper a melody into your heart, “wait for me”
like a baby
looking into your eye
I find happiness, “smile with me”
like a pillow
I wait for you to sleep on my chest, “am waiting”
like a cloud
I wish to go
Where you go, “till the end”
like a star in the night
I hope you see me. “for I see you”

My love,
My angel,
My sweet heart,
The waves of the ocean
will never stop me from loving you,
The storm and thunder of the day
will never make me
give up waiting for you.

Loneliness burns me like magma in the core,
Missing you freezes me like sleeping in snow,
My voice and my tears
are thunder and rain.

I know the day
will come when
I will sleep beside you,
When I call you my wife,
Baby love.
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