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You were the Sun of my Day
The moon of my night
You lit up my life...
Until You brought the moon to my Day
You eclipsed the sun
blocked out the rays
Being the best of both words
Seperate, you should stay
but together
You are destroying
my light
And now outside of happiness
I stand in the shadow of what use to be...
I can still see an outline
But its so faint I can't see
your blinding me
because its just so dark
inside of this heart...
Never fall in love with a poet
for their words are sometimes lies
on occasions they're a shield
on occasions a disguise

They will take you on a journey
upon which they bare their soul
in a bid to ease your burdens
in a bid to make you whole

But in every word they choose
for the stories that they tell
lies a little piece of heaven
and a little piece of hell

Tormented souls we poets are
sometimes quite broken and despaired
in search of lost expressions
missed by others who once cared

Never fall in love with a poet
unless you're prepared to share their pain
to hold them close on the darkest nights
over and again
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The background music loiters in the wind
Notes resting on molecules and floating towards me
Sounds of instruments strewn together
Eliciting movement, bodies close,
Liquid tension drips to the floor

I wish I could feel the movement
Lost in a body that has forgotten how
Embarrassment as I stand motionless
And the room moves around me
The music calls, it demands a narcosis
I am the only unbound to the spell
And my eyes dart away, abashed

A reverie finds itself creeping in my mind
Younger and lost in immortality
I once enjoyed the witches curse of youth
And moved like those before me

I walk away, unsure of my maturity
Should I grieve my missing youth
Or should I be grateful that the spell cannot bind me?
 Jul 2013 Evelyn Fried
James K
Crawling through the forest
The effort is outrageous
There is no time to rest
The excitement is contagious

Slowly traversing the expanse
The only movement, forward
Behind is spared not a glance
The goal is set and strived, toward

Now the goal is reached
And as he rests upon the peak
He cannot move, energy is leeched
But he rest content, this is no defeat

For the Bug
Crawling on my leg
The more that I know
I'm watching
The more that I hear
Always listening
The more that I know about
What I'm beginning to fear
Fear is real
Fear is forever
It never stops
I can't let it be
Someday maybe everyone will see
Fear is as real as you
And as me
Fear makes the world go round
It's hiding everywhere
It might never be found
All that I see
All that I hear
All that I know
It scares me

— The End —