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Eve Stumpges Oct 8
I think I’ve glimpsed a light in the dark,
But I’m scared of that which follows a spark.
A future awoken from words in a book,
Mine for the taking if my eyes would open and look.
But what if I fall in love with what I see,
And it decides that this just isn’t for me?
I’d require another round of glue,
To rebuild the me that appears before you.
But this me doesn’t know what it means to live,
No balance between mine and give give give.
All I’ve got to lose is death,
And all I have to gain is my first breath.
Eve Stumpges Oct 7
Breathe, Listen, Elongate, Collapse, Exhale, Wiggle, Shimmy, Adjust, Inhale, Release, Crack, Smile, Acknowledge, Inquire, Shift, Open , Succumb, Move, Tension, Hold, Burn, Why, Discomfort, Persist, Sweat, Tremble, Expand, Reverse, Explore, Create, Rebuild, Trust, Relax, Silence, Stillness, Gratitude, Absorb, Exude, Joy
Eve Stumpges Aug 21
We need less
everyone has somewhere to be
and more
simply being somewhere.
Eve Stumpges Aug 16
Invisible wounds are the hardest to heal.
You must find the perfect words
to depict your internal suffering or the
onlookers diagnosis will turn to
pin the tail on the ***-
uming blinded with the exception
of the gap exposing their shoes.
And nobody wants to be judged
solely by their shoes.
Eve Stumpges Aug 10
I watch and I yearn to do.
I do and I wish to do more.
I do more and then try something new.
I do something new and forget the old.
As the old is forgotten it faintly whispers.
And the whispers shift to noise.
And the noise turns to screams.
And I stifle the screams until they break my heart.
And morph into mortar filling the cracks
of resistance earning their overdue residency.
Eve Stumpges Jul 30
Neurons wound so tightly in routine,
Protecting my soul
Although it no longer needs saving.
It’s unclear how to unravel these patterns.
I can’t recall where the thread began,
Or which stabbing needle stitched
The holes up in my heart too tight.
A thinly stretched epicardium
Doesn’t pair well with a brain
Surrounded by unrelenting walls.
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