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There is so much to miss.
Memories of normalcy cause me to reminisce.
Warm greetings with a smile to match the eyes,
An excited hug from behind catching me by surprise,
Not feeling guilty for enjoying the past year,
While much of the world is crippled in fear.
This invisible disease;
It's brought even the mighty to their knees.
People run from the sound of a sneeze,
But it sure has helped the trees.
What shall we do when spring brings on the allergies?
Pollen in the air sprinkled about by little happy bees.
Panic and distrust drifting in the breeze.
I've found my purpose in times like these.
You'll find me spreading love like cream cheese,
Eating away at people's unease.
So cheers to more health and stability, yes please!
Eve Stumpges Oct 1
When I am home in the middle of nowhere,
so far from people, the city.
I feel invincible; solely responsible.
Being amongst the trees and stars is honest.
When I leave, the world exposes itself.
Upside down no matter which way you turn it.
Yet all of us walking upright,
Unable to focus, dressed up in only the finest chaos and desperation,
Clinging to the splitting ground,
Hoping we don't fall on our heads.
Eve Stumpges Sep 24
Thank you for housing me so well.
I gaze at the outline of my nose and cheeks, thighs and feet, folded over in child's pose.
Skin, you haven't done half bad at carrying me around.
You've kept me together all these years, for the most part at least.
You open up when it's too hot, shoot out tiny hairs when it's cold, and expand when I eat too much.
Plus you're the one putting yourself out there, sparking up my senses.
You're a bit sensitive to the cold, and if we're being honest, the heat too. And to bugs, shaving, hormones, and sand.
But not to the sun.
You turn such lovely olive color amongst its life-giving rays.
Just the right amount of sun can change any moment into one of bliss.
Now that I think about it, you're the perfect hug covering every inch of me.
Eve Stumpges Sep 8
I’ve really lost it.
My arms flail with the beat.
I bend on sound’s command.
My hips move every which way.
Sweat slides down my skin.
My heart sings to my lips.
And between breaths, I grin.
I’ve really lost it.
It being me. Me being gone.
Only the music remains,
Integrating my body into it’s rhythm.
Eve Stumpges Jul 19
My fingertips dig in against your scalp squeezing  your hair so tightly.
I feel sorry before the action even begins.
My muscles and organs have been overridden by a wave of undisciplined love, apparently in the form of contraction.
My stomach and throat gather in my heart.
My leg squeezes over your hip as my toes curl into the back of your leg.
My jaw clenches, teeth against teeth, as I have resisted putting your shoulder in between them.
“I love you.” I say again softly, so you won’t hear the tears that this ordeal has produced.
Because repeating these words so insufficiently expresses the wholeness, the joy, the fear of having hope, the desire for a future, the perfect balance of life that you have created inside of me.
“I love you too.” You say, as you look down at me, helplessly staring back at you, holding your face in my hands.
Eve Stumpges Jun 10
Minds design bridges for excellence and financial gains,
Bodies build bridges for cars and trains,
Souls use bridges for connection and easing our pains.
Those with nothing huddle below shiverring as it rains,
While the plentiful drive above singing, eyes between the lanes.
All humans are molded from mothers, smiles, a heart, and brains,
Let’s hold hands, cry and roar! Shake our manes.
Together we can keep blood blue, pulsing through our veins.
Eve Stumpges Apr 25
I, you, am, is, are, us, we, doing, watching,  seen, liable, alive, water, air, spirit, physical, one, love, connected, all, some, here ,there, aware, bare, me.
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