Eve Stumpges Jan 1
To touch is to desire influential appreciation of another’s soul.
To be touched is to trust another’s permanent imprint on your heart.
To master both is to know love.
Eve Stumpges Dec 2018
I thought I missed you
The way I didn’t ever think twice
Just a singular flow of thoughts
Blurred into months that didn’t end
You could spot my mind on my sleeve
Before my lips could even move
From the brutally honest sunrise
To a blurred vision of the stars
Dull wasn’t in our vocabulary
Though my edges wore down
The solid rim I held onto
Smoothly eroded away
My mind retreated back into my skull
And reminded me gently
There are no edges on this earth
Only circles that lead back to oneself.
Eve Stumpges Dec 2018
I wish people were more like my attempts to paint in water color;
Blends of messy swirling hues with no visible edges.
Instead we’re **** in a jagged Van Gogh oil painting,
With no chance of bleeding over the innumerable elevated ridges.
Eve Stumpges Nov 2018
I am in constant search for a break in the storm,
But once found the boat stops rocking.
I have time to breath in my chosen surroundings.
Peering down over the edge exposes a glassy image of my reflection.
Uh oh, wasn’t what I was hoping for.
I **** back in objection,
Evoking the initial waves of the next storm brought upon by my cyclical tides.
Tighten the shackle, raise the mainsail.
Tis a sailors life for me.
Eve Stumpges Nov 2018
It is not enough to be passionate,
To feel that surging quickening of your breath
At the thought of how much love
Or knowledge you hold inside.
It is your offering of words spoken at a time
When supply is low and demand is high.

Life is a trade with no guarantee
That your ego’s work will remain of value.
Eve Stumpges Nov 2018
Skin so thin, the sun reddens your heart.
A thick filter on your lips to counter balance.
Ears open to all except your inner melody.
Eyes wide shut in attempt to see, but not be seen.
Wise hands firmly cup my universe.
You were gravity, holding my feet on the ground.
But I poured too much of me into you.
So the the wind picked me up,
And blew me this way and that,
Until I watered my hollow roots,
Granting them freedom to grow a new home.
Eve Stumpges Oct 2018
I remember finding you,
Repeating your name with no response.
I shook you in horror and fear.
Slapped you in anger and love.
Dialed 911 in hope and desperation.
They revived you, but those days killed Parts of you I’m not sure will grow back.

Sometimes you must give your life
To fill another’s empty reservoir,
Offering a temporary lifeline.
I’m just scared you won’t be able to
Fill that hole, and that one day
It will consume you.
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