Eve Stumpges Nov 5
It is not enough to be passionate,
To feel that surging quickening of your breath
At the thought of how much love
Or knowledge you hold inside.
It is your offering of words spoken at a time
When supply is low and demand is high.

Life is a trade with no guarantee
That your ego’s work will remain of value.
Eve Stumpges Nov 1
Skin so thin, the sun reddens your heart.
A thick filter on your lips to counter balance.
Ears open to all except your inner melody.
Eyes wide shut in attempt to see, but not be seen.
Wise hands firmly cup my universe.
You were gravity, holding my feet on the ground.
But I poured too much of me into you.
So the the wind picked me up,
And blew me this way and that,
Until I watered my hollow roots,
Granting them freedom to grow a new home.
Eve Stumpges Oct 24
I remember finding you,
Repeating your name with no response.
I shook you in horror and fear.
Slapped you in anger and love.
Dialed 911 in hope and desperation.
They revived you, but those days killed Parts of you I’m not sure will grow back.

Sometimes you must give your life
To fill another’s empty reservoir,
Offering a temporary lifeline.
I’m just scared you won’t be able to
Fill that hole, and that one day
It will consume you.
Eve Stumpges Oct 23
Do you ever do things and
every step of the way through doing it you
tell yourself you shouldn't do it and
then do it anyways and
every time you’re done doing it
still say you shouldn't have done it but
then repeat it in the future and
after a while, say wow.
I can’t even listen to myself.
How can I ask others to listen and change?
Eve Stumpges Oct 2
Looking out over the earth
Everything alive breathing
Inhaling and exhaling equally
No voice louder than another
The sun leaves no surface untouched
Even man made objects
Contain energy from their creator
And if lucky enough, from those too
Who value its presence over time
This world deserves more reverence
The tree sacrificed for the table you eat off of
The land uprooted to feed our growing appetites
The mountain that once was now flattened for human convenience
Nature is too often that neighbor
Who would graciously share fruit from their garden
But you sneak it off the trees anyways
Because you never bother to say hello
Eve Stumpges Sep 21
Sometimes I wonder
How deep the eyes can get under
Our mouths spewing blunder.
I hope the end goal isn’t deception
But rather an accurate display of perception
Rewarded with genuine reception.
Your soul will always surface
It won’t last acting a part in the circus
You’ll get lost in the void without your true purpose.
So don’t needlessly waste finite time
Making connections that fall apart after you’ve already made the climb
Sing your own song and the whole world will begin to rhyme.
Eve Stumpges Aug 1
Is the only way to be seen  
On someone else's screen?  
How do I talk when I have no hands?
How can I speak without broadband?  What do I do when I cry for help
But ur too busy recording to hear me yell?  What's my identity without a face?
Filtered and altered to fit your taste  
Am I me when I care what you think?  
If I stop now you won't say I'm unique
But you'll tweet that I am a freak  
To people you will never meet  
So what is there left to say?
But into His hands I leave you
And now I will pray
This is not my work. A friend asked me to post this for her :)
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