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Dec 2015 · 634
I saw the piece that'll complete me.
I saw it again.
Maybe, you're confused
And I am so nervous
So how could I start my story?
When I just saw my missing piece?
I am a puzzle
And he's a puzzle piece
I am a mindful art.
A black and white one; gloomy, simple, boring.
I am contented with my life, I am not looking for more.
But then, he came.
He came to me like a thunderstorm
And I cannot do anything because I'm a mere stone.
He's a poor lost soul
And I'm willing to became his foolish map
I was hypnotized with his colorful gaze
And I fell deep.
Yes, I am.
I really am. I knew it was trouble,
He's a trouble.
But I am a willing victim, a suicidal prey
Who’s begging for more.
God! I am pathetic!
I know, those laughter's and fears are worth it.
I know that every burst of anger, every drop of tears are worth it.
I am nothing but a handicapped
When it comes to him.
He used to hug me with his fire- coated body,
It could burn my skin. I am well aware of everything.
Yet I let him.
He touched me like
He's taking the air of my lungs with him
And I know it's deadly
But I can give it all to him.
He's a parasite within my mind, heart, body and soul.
He corrupted me.
He became my skin.
My air to breathe.
I did everything so we could fit perfectly.
And that's when I realized.
I realized that he cannot love me as I love him.
He cannot sacrifice himself as I could give my life for him.
He was selfish, I am selfless.
He was composed of color, I am made of black and white.
That's when it hit me.
I am **** too late to realize! **** too late.
I was falling deep
But I am falling into an abyss of confusion,
An abyss of emptiness and sorrow in the pits of hell.
I am broken.
No, I am always broken.
I look at him blindly and I am at fault.
Maybe I am just desperate
But I am ready to be a fool for him.
I'm a willing victim, a suicidal prey.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he's a colorful art and
I am just black and white.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he was a walking disaster
and trouble to my life.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he's punishing me
With his every touch.
I look at him blindly! I look at him blindly.
But, I cannot look straight at him
'Cause I already gave up… so I am letting him go.
He shattered me into pieces
And now, I'm all alone
As sadness started to grow.
I saw the piece that'll complete me.
I saw it again.
I knew how I reacted
As I saw my missing piece.
I saw it! I saw it.
But I know, someone already took it
Because it is not my puzzle to fit.
Dear Mr. Puzzle Piece,
You're the most beautiful piece that I ever had. I believe that this is not the right time for the both of us, it's toxicating so we'll always end up like this -- broken. I'm so sorry for not loving you enough to hold on, I'm not the "girlfriend type" for you and you're not even the "boyfriend type" for me but always remember that I loved you so much, it hurts. You will always be in my heart. Take Care, I'll always pray for your health and success. Till next time!
Ms. Puzzle
Dec 2015 · 211
The crowd is her weakness.
As she walks into the floor,
She knew,
She won't survive anymore.
Dec 2015 · 213
You looked into my eyes
But failed to knock on my soul.

Now, I'm all alone
As sadness started to grow.

Tell me that you loved me
But who am I to kid?
You only saw me at my flesh and bones.
Dec 2015 · 254
Her butterflies
Are eating her stomach.
Fighting for its freedom.
War and bloodbath.
Dec 2015 · 309
"Let's make a bond."
He said.

"No. I don't want to."
I said.

He replied.


Don't you know anything?
We derived from nothing
And bond is something.
It could be the start
Of an unrequited feeling;
Good morning kisses to
Good night's.
Breakfast to Midnight.
Falling every day, falling hard.
Don’t you think it's scary?
I don't want another round.
You could be the clock
And I could be the bomb.
You could pull the trigger
And I would be ******."

I replied.
Something I want to write. Random thougths again.
Dec 2015 · 392
One Icy Christmas Night
People tend
To celebrate the day when Jesus came,
It's the same day of my pain.

Colorful lights and sugar coated words
The night were never been old.
But all beyond those physical senses
and my stormy head --
lies the dark room and silence of grief and cold.

On one icy Christmas night
I received the most precious gift.
With the hissing sound of trees,
With the wind caressing my skin,
With the cold tears from my eyes,
They witnessed how the glass broke.
From my random thoughts.
Nov 2015 · 367
I Cannot
Standing in the ocean of crowd
Yet I could only perceive one.

You who have taken me for granted,
You who left me for nothing.

I needed you always and sometimes you needed me too.
I was in the abyss of confusion, did you loved me too?

I hate the feeling of being unwanted and unappreciated
Yet I cannot hate you.
I cannot hate you for I was in love with you.

My immense love for you was real
Yet I cannot feel you.

Mother once told me, life is fair
Because we are living in the same world
Seeing the same sky, blue and white.
Taking the same air, in and out.

Yet I always thirst for you to see me through.

And now, Our eyes met and I bid good bye
As I promised to unloved the man I am crying at─ you.
Nov 2015 · 852
Untouchable Soul
She was a broken glass
But then, he came back

She became distant and cold
But then, he came back

She vowed to move alone
But then, he came back

She forgave him
Because he came back

But the darkness lurking
Within her eyes, mind, body & soul
Corrupted by pain,
Disturbed by fear.
Her restless body's decaying
With the memories of him.

— The End —