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I walked the path without you,

only to find

bitter sweet contentment

rather than confusion.

If truth be told

as all proceeds to unfold,

my desire leads merely to suffering
Eva Aloezos Sep 28
We would splinter overtime like an old tree living on borrowed time,

yet when we melt into each other

there is a power resonating within us so overwhelmingly transcendent,

it makes me wonder....
perhaps I crossed his path,
in another life
Eva Aloezos Sep 26
I'm playing the long game,

because when all have gone lame
there I will be shining.

I will stand on my hill of accumulated wisdom
as they drown beneath self inflicted sorrows.

I am sitting back
watching the cards unfold,

for I am a king,
and you a mere four.

As I climb, eventually crossing the threshold of the cardinal door,
you will lie stunted on the dreary floor.
Eva Aloezos Sep 23
all fell away
as I received the gauntlet,

summer closed his eyes,
as autumn in her dying beauty

held the mirror.
Eva Aloezos Sep 21
psychopaths view the world as a game of chess,

empaths fear the crashing dominoes,

lovers dream and keep their nose to the fragrant air,

criminals are broken, and in turn break the world,

girls ponder soulmates and philosophy,

boys dream of power so vast it conquers a nation.
Eva Aloezos Sep 21
When I was depressed I could no longer....
get out of bed,
take care of my wellbeing,
engage in physical activities,
take my seizure medication,
feel pride in myself,
have a place in this world,
escape the guilt I constantly felt,
envision a future for myself,
end the endless loop of self sabotage,
feel internal beauty
look in a mirror,
face my family.

If you are someone suffering from depression, please seek help. I know exactly how you feel. I went through 5 years of intense on and off depression, and by the end it would last an entire year. I know it seems that everything is hopeless. You don't want to seek out a treatment due to mental fatigue. I always swore up and down nothing could change my opinion on medication. For 5 years I convinced myself I was a weak person and I could think my way out of this. After 6 weeks on my antidepressant I was working out, eating healthy, excelling in my daily life, felt optimism and strength. People even told me my eyes appeared different. I feel pure regarding my intentions in the world. I am not an advocate of medication nor am I involved with the pharmaceutical companies. My one abiding interest is to share my story and maybe, possibly help someone.
Eva Aloezos Sep 13

I searched,
only to find myself lost

and paid the heavy cost.

" Fall "

Rescued by him on a chilly night
yet deep in my breast I knew it was not right,
so I fled as my feet took flight.

Despite his cherub face and curls draped in laurel,

I whispered in desperation a plea to the river,
my ever watching father.

"Save me father, for chastity is worth far more than all the treasures at Delphi, I mustn't lose hold of it.

"Dear child, I must strip you of your femininity and youth; however, this brings me only sorrow".

Swept up by the howling winds
thunder crashing and flashing against a frightful sky,

cascading hair becoming leaves
soft skin transforming into bark
sturdy inviting legs now dampened roots.


There I was frozen in time,
a tree blooming with laurel.

Each day he rested against me,
playing his flute and falling drowsily into sleep
as I watched over the arrow he cherished above all else.

I burdened the bitter cold,
waiting for his return.

Never again would he lay his golden eyes upon my twisting bark,
even Spring with her warmth and splendor could not sway his mind back to his beloved tree goddess.


" The awakening"

It was in this painful moment
I realized chastity was not my grandest possession,
but rather it was my freedom which I foolishly discarded with no hesitation.
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