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Eva Aloezos Mar 14
I expelled him from the depths of my mind
because he condones that which I know to be utterly deplorable

with every fiber of my being
Eva Aloezos Mar 14
In her dark eyes I glimpsed the voices screaming loud
so darling,
run from the crowd

do not look back,


let us meet
a final time
for the perilous journey lies dead at her feet
and our steps no longer rhyme
Eva Aloezos Mar 12
Michael carried on with the ruggedness of a mountain man,

a specter in the night
for our most sacred moments haunt me,
they refuse to let me be

Michael soared past the trenches of sadness,
yet it lurked closely behind

never was there a man who carried his demons with a spine so *****

no prospect,
yet for his boyish charm
never could I inflict any harm

to see him once again,
lost in guitar strings
mesmerized by the tunes

pale as a dazzling crescent moon
Eva Aloezos Mar 12
the wishing well has dried,
too long I have tried
now acquainted with the way you perpetually lied

let our union go
let me be,
because my well spills over when I am
light and free,
enveloped in the cleverly crafted world of my mind
Eva Aloezos Mar 8
We all have felt the burn of rejection,

the twinge of guilt.

The shadows of regret and doubt loom heavy,

especially for those who never get out.

I saw your resemblance stretch it’s way across the streets of Berlin,

noticed your diminishing self-assuredness
as I laid eyes on a vintage still of you

crumblin’ is unnecessary,

for fate has bore you an

intriguing new door.
Eva Aloezos Mar 7
her heart is guarded by the devil,

yet this is not to say she is

more fitting would it be to say she

drank a tad too much of the koolaid
views life as a slightly cynical series of tradeoffs,
means well, yet can be weighed down by the illusions binding us to samsara

do not fear her,
eventually she will break the sturdy embrace

and find authentic glory
Eva Aloezos Mar 6
It was all so somber,
the dance of the shadows
the golden skies peering down with their holy judgment
on our dark human realm
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