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Ethan Hartley Jan 2018
It "Hurts Like Heaven", So I try to find my "Paradise".
I guess it's just "Us Against The World", but our love may go "Up In Flames" and "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall", remember you'll always be my "Princess of China".  

We find "A Hopeful Transmission" back to home, I go ask "Charlie Brown" what to do as a "U.F.O" takes us "Up with the Birds" to the planet "Mylo Xyloto" in the galaxy of "M.M.I.X" where our love will never be damaged.

There is no "Major Minus" that will **** us here. "Don't Panic", we're not "Lost", let's go over to that "Strawberry Swing" where we can "Talk" and say "A Message" that brings us to a "Shiver". Always hold onto the fact that "We never Change" our ways, but the "Twisted Logic" of love can bring us "Swallowed in the Sea".

We try to find a way back to "Square One", but there is still "Trouble" close by.
We are at "High Speed" in our hearts,  we know there is still "Sparks" between us but we don't go together like "X&Y".

I try to "Fix You" but the "The Hardest Part" is time as "Clocks" race and we separate.

We go to "Violet Hill" as your "Green Eyes" never looked so beautiful. The feelings swirling around reminds me of how "God put a Smile Upon Your Face" as the love and sadness of  a "Warning Sign" is in feeling.

You leave to "Amsterdam" and I stay as you leave behind "A Whisper" of love in my soul.

There will always be "What if" and "Everything's Not Lost" but that's all behind us now in "White Shadows"
A poem made with Coldplay song titles from Parachutes era - Mylo Xyloto era.
Ethan Hartley Jan 2018
floating in a sea of falling snowflakes,
the bitter cold entwines to me so pleasantly.
a soul starts sinking to such bitter mistakes,
life is a graceful tidal wave of unpredictable misery.

eyes closed,
untouched within,
the outside is always open
the gentle breeze invites itself in.

hearts break from this safe haven like wildfire,
all the pieces scatter on the delicate cold surface.
air tightens when walking this irrational frozen wire,
hot and cold swirl together as we resurface.

feet lifted,
mellow pace,
ashes from the winter air appear in our place.

paint drips in the snow like a delicate snow-angel made of glass,
it's intentions are vivid though it's presence seemed colorless,
insides fill like watercolor into the true colors of a canvass,
eyes brighten deep to gaze into the soul filled with new purpose
the canvas has been watered,
paint drops down our skin.
art appears,
our hearts start to fill in.

colors brighten,
the center darkens.
the canvas gives new life,
hearts are not forgotten.
Written January 2018 - Ethan Hartley

— The End —