i heard that song,
and saw where my heart went
and knew i had fallen for you
my optimism is a curse,
a demon that tricks me
into dreaming the impossible-

i fall for it every time
it's a lazy sunday morning
i'm playing with your hair
our breakfast tray is still on the bedside table
but we don't care
the sunlight is almost blinding
it's reflecting off of our sheets
i pick my head off the pillow
and look over at you in disbelief

we go through pens
like other people go through drugs
we love notebooks like
some people love clubs
we don't ever have to get out of bed
let's stay in, and let our words out instead


we use pens like
captains use poles on gondolas
pushing away those closest to us

a pen can be a knife
a pen can push two lives apart
a pen can be a syringe-
to inject lies directly into the heart
we write each other off
and you're killing me with a thousand paper cuts
i stare at the phone but i don't know the number to call
i sit alone but i don't want anyone else
i remember how it feels
to be wrapped around you
and it makes me a little sad
now that you aren't here
we made finding a building an adventure
everything was fun
while we were together
it didn't matter that it was 2 AM
because to us it felt like noon
so here's to our memories
i hope i'll see you soon
i think maybe because i'm new to this
or maybe i'm ****** or naive
or maybe it was hopeless
and i just want to believe
either way i'm looking forward to the day
we can do it all over again
but what i mean to say is "i miss you"
wrote this in july, left it in my drafts until now
"I'm an open book"
She says

Written in
i'd make you a dream,
weave you jacob's robe out of words,
and forge a crown for you
out of the hurt

i need you, i tried to speak to you
but you outran my words

we're too good to be loved
but good enough to be broken
by the unfulfilled potential for love,
because hanging on a cliff
is usually more painful than jumping

and the words i never said to you
became poetry
she's a poet, she's new to things like consequences
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