staring at you --
a second feels like an hour feels like a blink of an eye
and mine are slightly dilated
someone told me that happens when you look at someone
who you've fallen really hard for
but that must be nonsense
cause i don't really like you that much

i can see how other guys
could get lost in you
how you don't even realize how you smile
just a little bit everytime you speak
or just something about your voice
sounds like music to me
beauty is objective, i can see
but i really don't like you that much

some might say that the fact
that i fall asleep to dreams of you;
and push myself through challenges
by dedicating them to you,
is a sign that i've fallen

okay, maybe i have
a little crush...

okay, i admit,
i like you
exactly that much
my thoughts are like a ball of yarn
i pass my time
unraveling my own mind

it's almost like there is a combination lock
the dial is hidden in my iris
come open pandora's box
and let loose the ocean blue

maybe it won't drown you
i've always noticed you
but you've never noticed me
to you, i might as well be
part of the scenery
i'm just another face
in an endless shifting sea
and that's a little sad for you
because there's nobody like me,

there are a million things i'd do for you
but i'll never face that test
i'd stay up all night holding you
if you wanted to rest
i'm living happily with you
but only in my dreams
if you ever wanted me
i'd treat you like a queen

but that's just your loss, honey
your heart will never feel my luxury

you would always be
my top priority
i'd treat you better
than i treat myself
no one else could
compete with me

but that's just your loss ¯_(ツ)_/¯
aight that's cool too
  Sep 10 ethan gaskill
like a kid
drowned in childish dream
and dance with your childish hands..
instead of saying
that we've moved on
we should say
that we're in recovery
because we're all addicts
in need of love
ready to fall
into our same old desperate habits
the moment we get a hit
shouting won't do any good
it's not that you aren't listening
every time i vocalize
my feelings
the mountains send them echoing
back to me
this frigid wall
of rock and snow
holds desperate lovers back
like a mountain between us;
a shell we can't crack

it's a cold world out there
so bundle up
either find someone to love
or don't open up
the wind cuts your face
feel the pain
there's no use running around
there's a mountain between us
just stay on the ground
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