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Ethan Titus Nov 2014
Fallen from grace, that is the current state of man
Held down by the shackles of sin to the prison of death
Seeming destined for a sentence of eternal damnation
Yet it was seen fit by You, oh righteous one, to break our shackles and tear the prison asunder by the means of a man
Setting before the rest of us a path that we can follow
Had you not sent us a man, we would have made the decision of extreme rationale, that a higher being could not be immitated and we would have made peace with our eternal cells
Yet it was a man You sent, in Your infinite wisdom, for You are righteous
Deliver me, oh redeemer, deliver me from the confines of death
Annoint my head with Your oil so that my cup runneth over
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, Almighty One
Lead me to Your treasure chest
For it is a bountiful one
Filled to brimming with Your knowledge, Your understanding, Your wisdom, and Your grace; Your mercy and lovingkindness
Give me not the key, but withhold nothing that Your servant asks of You in faith
When I seek, I find.
When I ask, I am given.
When I knock, the door is opened.
Deny me my own ways and instruct me in Yours
Break my heart of stone and give me one of flesh
Redeem me
Ethan Titus Nov 2014
Oh, how the mighty art fallen
Lucifer, son of the morning star
Behooved by manner of thy own devices
How pompous thou hadst become to refuse to bend thy knee to man
It was pride that filled thee to burst
Had it not been but a few millenia later
Even your knee would have bent to the King of Glory
Whenst He did stoop down to the level of man
Even you wouldst have cried out "Lord, Lord wouldst thou not take upon thyself my raiment of glory? Clothe yourself as a king, not as a commoner."
Were it so much that us being made of dirt and you of fire that your proudness could render thee blind to our beauty as endowed by our shared Creator?
Though our mediums be different, were the Crafter's hands not the same?
Wouldst thou haft only humbled thyself, a different world we could have
I pity and thank thee, oh fallen one
For showing me how not to be
Ethan Titus Oct 2014
To whom do I write about life's blight?
Is it for you, happenstance that you've read?
It is for myself, trying to overcome my inner dread
On myself I have placed these chains, afraid to let myself sore
I can't take it, I'm done, these shackles must be no more
My heart pounds rapidly with anticipation
I'll stand up proud and announce myself before a nation
If death becomes me then I shall languish no more
Truly it is better than being Suffering's personal *****
I'll follow the path of Apollo and bring myself to the sun
The burns are as nothing, taking a chance to have some fun
Seek not to return me to a life bound by shackle and chain
No longer will I live a life entrenched in pain
Ethan Titus Oct 2014
Why am I afraid to go dance?
Why am I afraid to take a chance?
I just want to cut loose and express what I'm feeling
The ideas of having eyes on me has me reeling
To let go of fear and set myself ablaze with internal fire
Right now, this is my only desire
Why do I watch but never join?
Why do I leave my fate to be decided by a coin?
Why am I afraid to take a chance?
Why am I afraid to cut loose and dance?
Ethan Titus Oct 2014
What is it like to have confidence beyond your gaze?
What is it like to have unwavering courage, even on your worst days?
I wish upon a star that I knew
I wish upon a star that it would spring out of the blue
Lowering my head to the ground and raising my hands to God
Does the world really find this trend so odd?
I guess most are just obsessed with the human '***'
I'll submit myself to the will of the Lord
If only we were connected by an ethernet cord
I run about wishing I knew what He wanted me to do
My ears feel deaf, I'm focused on you
I try to change my focus
My brain wonders, what about 'us'?
Is there a potential future?
When is it that I will truly feel mature?
Why must I fear all that I think to do?
Why must my heart and brain revolve around you?
Ethan Titus Oct 2014
Running in circles round-and-round
Impatiently waiting until the day you're found
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Pretending we're unboxed toys lining store shelves
Waiting for the one that will open us up to add value to their life
Until that day comes, we create and dwell on constant strife
We need to let ourselves out of the box
We must stop waiting to be invited to the others' flocks
Arise from your prison, you won't regret this decision
Already in Hell, how scary could it be outside of your cell?
Seize the day, no soul can enjoy life in a truly lonesome way
Ethan Titus Oct 2014
That's all anybody hears
A beautiful line falls on deaf ears
People hear only what they want to hear
They speak against things they themselves do
When you try to remove the the sliver from their eye, they deny that it exists
Walking and living in their ignorance for as long as they can
Truly it is bliss, until the truth comes crashing down around them
For how long must this continue?
When will people let the truth into their lives?
That's all anybody hears.
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