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  May 2019 Anjali Lamani
The way you touch me,
makes it looks like you're touching something fragile.
But this twisted fairy tale of ours,
looked like wilted flowers.


The more you took care of me,
the more cruel you destroy me.
Every love story will either end happily or sadly.
  May 2019 Anjali Lamani
sandra wyllie
Forgive me
for acting on misunderstandings
placing blame on you
when I knew what I was getting into it
easier to point fingers
I’ve got two hands filled
with enough digits to go around
I look in the mirror
see I’m not perfect
rage is my weapon
resentment my ground
and revenge keeps coming around
I’m self-destructing
in delusion
I got enough work
to take care of the planks
in my own eyes
thanks to forgiveness
isn’t it lovely
isn’t it beautiful
that I’ve only myself
to take me down
  May 2019 Anjali Lamani
Violet Sea
sometimes people make me sick
because they expect so much
and do so little for themselves
to stay and see that life can be beautiful
with people who are interesting
Anjali Lamani May 2019
the loneliness and the fear
again prevail in the
ruins of the emptiness in my heart
the pain of letting you go
was enough
for me to start expressing to
the world through words

the suffering, the agony, the strain, and the throb precede
before the feeling of affection

When you left, I lost a part of me
the post break up scene I'd say in simpler slang English
Anjali Lamani Apr 2019
Beautiful stars.
Distant and twinkling. Burning for us.
Guiding us. Shining despite the darkness.
A part of a whole universe.
Beautiful alone. Breath-taking together.
We are children of stars.
Bright and shining.
Burning for the ones we love.
Shining even brighter in the darkness.
A part of a whole universe.
We begin like stars.
Struggling. Blazing. Fighting.
Trying to burn the brightest.
Wanting to be – no, needing to be – the best.
We live like stars.
Shining for others.
Lighting up someone else’s world.
Providing warmth to the worlds around us.
Nurturing life. Bearing the heat.
We age like stars.
Changing with time.
Becoming better and stronger.
Leaving behind a legacy.
A sign that says, “I was here. Remember me.”
We are the children of stars.
We are their legacies.
We must carry forward their mission.
Their mission to spread warmth and ecstasy.
Their mission to share their brilliance and illuminate the world.
We are stars in constellations with our family and friends.
We are a part of something larger.
We not only exist for ourselves but for others too.
We are stars.
Forged with iron in our blood and calcium in our bones.
The same iron and calcium that is found in the core of a star.
Made of stardust.
Always present yet sometimes not visible.
Next time you feel downcast, look towards the night sky.
You are a star.
A part of a growing, expanding universe.
You live for others, burn for others.
You are the light in someone’s life.
You are important.
If you see someone else in low spirits,
Don’t hesitate to remind them
That they, too, are stars.
Remember to spread love, light and joy.
We have a legacy to live up to.
A legacy to leave for the stars that shine after we burn out.
I am a star.
You are a star.
We are all stars.
A daily reminder

— The End —