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Semi-literate Poet
F    I’m a cynic combined with a romantic and I’m going to pour the emotions from my experiences and thoughts into my pieces. My topics vary, ...
Lorenzo Iñigo Jimenez
M/Manila    Let me be the name that resonates in your head before you sleep. Don't steal my work.
22/F/in the midst of it all    you be the sun and i'll be the moon.
F    Originality- my poetic gene!Hope & motivation to the heart of the world I bring! All my poems are copyright protected! Plz read through and send ...
Nazrana Kalil
21/F/Durban South Africa   
15/F/Australia    My memories will always be my only source of temporary happiness.
Marga 梅香
19/F/Philippines    in the rapture of anything but creative ♔ conqueror
21/F/tokyo    ❀ ig: @ocean_lagoons ❀ twt: @ocean_lagoons ❀
b e mccomb
23/F/finally home   
Jaipur, India    You can find me on
Yue Wang Yitkbel
29/Toronto    "I am dreamer who reaps eternity" - Yitkbel My Vanity Press Poetry Collections: All poems are original. Previously known as and published under the ...
indiana    i have a lot to say but no one to talk to, most of the things that come out of my mouth don't make any ...
A Sad Girl Writes
Blade Maiden
33/F/The Sixth Station    Hey, name's Kat. Thanks for the visit. "But sometimes I pause in an unforeseen calm: I don't care what I am."
23/Other/that mystical place...    she/her, they/them "I've never been perfect, but neither have you" - Linkin Park
19/Non-binary/Ohio    if you cant see my poems make sure the explicit filter is off. (my poems aren’t explicit by the way) :3
Infamous one
Hello friend! My name is infamous1! I've been writing for years, its my voice. I'm being more creative no longer self destructive. I started writing ...
20/Grassland    "A liar must have a good memory" - Yiddish Wisdom Joined: 7/23/2018
17/F/somewhere temporary   
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