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Put bitterness aside
break those ties
sustain your mind
from all harsh feelings
ego and loneliness wins
I wake up tired. Stinging, aching, burning, Sore-
good morning, ceiling
of drywall sky.
I wish I could curl up, warm, tight, soft, light-
goodbye, life.
I'm ready to die.

"Not yet, you have stuff to do today"

He chants in whispy grounded words.
Wordy biting, chilling curse:
Imaginary friend of mine, a lifeline all the same.
Whisper what you want from me, don't leave! I'm not a game.

He played me yet again, I see.
I'm as alive as any gal can be.
I went through days waiting for him,
but he only comes when the sky is drywall.
When my world is aching, quaking, shaking- Melting at the touch.
He only comes when I need a hero,
SuperStagnant, comin' in for the clutch.
I hate you.
Yet I need you.
We saved me,
Now I'll leave you.
For Christopher, my imaginary friend since I was 9. I miss you.
Look, I know you said, "stop drinking,"
but, doctor, I have been thinking:
don't we all gotta go some day?
I mean, it's the American way
We've all got some god to pray
cuz' there's no atheists in the foxhole
as long as war is more a wormhole.
We go in, and then we end up somewhere
somewhere where here is neither here nor there
and if here's not there, than just what's fair?
We spin the wheel and win a prize,
but blink and-- hey, surprise, surprise
we wake up with nothing but a missing liver.
Yeah, it's cool you checked "***** giver,"
but really, they'll just cut you open before you're dead
and then, you're just a meat sack with a head.
So, what I'm trying to say is...
I think I'm going to drink this
beer until it stops giving me bliss.
im sad
but i smile
im not okay
but ill pretend to be for a little while
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