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My dear houseguest
We have a policy
The simplest
The happiest
A policy of being honest
No burdens of lies

Is that truly wise?
There as many lies as stars in the skies
Some are ties
Holding down you and I
Holding the world together
Holding some trapped
Holding things together

Lies may be evil
They may be wrong
Life is like a song
It’s made of choices
Lies and truth
Choices you have, don’t listen to the voices
You have the choice to tell the truth or to tell a lie. Some lies only create destruction while others hold us together. I didn't believe in lying until it saved my life, but lying has also killed my relationships with people.
Love is a luxury
Yet no one can label it
Some have a lack of love
The land in their heart unfertilized
No fruits to be produced
I must admit
We could use a little unconditional love
Let the land be fertilized
Fruits of peace
Fruits of patience
Fruits of joy, kindness, gentleness
Oh, the feeling of goodness
Yes, it is a luxury
Love is a luxury. We can stay alive without it but living without it is different. Who can truly live without some kind of love in their life? We all need a little bit of love in this crazy world. Love makes life better and easier.
Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
Rinse, Rinse, Rinse
I try to wash it away
The feeling of your hands
How forceful they were
You said you wanted to play
That wasn’t in your plans
Some of it’s a blur
I wish it would sink away into the tub
Then slowly whirr down the drain
The pain, the emotions, the memories
This heavy weight on my brain
I want to end my pain
Maybe I can drink it away
Maybe I can cut it away
Maybe I can smoke it away
I want to keep it all at bay
My depression weighs
Its heavy on my shoulders
But it’ll be okay
Dirt is now on my hands
I have to stay alert
Out here we have to be quiet
Trying to find my t-shirt
You speak
“We said we aren’t good together
Now I don’t care
I want to face the dust and dirt together
I want to face the weather
You and I
We can take on the world”
A wide smile
Chills down my spine
I broke into a cold sweat
That smile was hungry
I could run a mile
Adrenaline pushing me far
I’m not fine
My fear’s smile grows
It’s going to eat me alive
Am I at sea?
Waves of emotion are crashing over me
Your hands on my body
Do you know
The effect that you have on me
I’m going with the flow
Kiss me hard
Kiss me slow
You can even kiss me in the snow
I don’t want you to let me go
Hold me tight
Take me to a new height
Your face burning bright
I know I’m little shaky
But I’m perfectly alright
Just never been this high
Yes, I’m high on your love
I feel like a kite
I aint no Barbie doll
Get your stupid strings off of me
I might be small
I’m a lion with a mighty roar
So, you can crawl
Crawl back down to where you came from
Before you get mauled
Think I’m weak
Think I’m innocent
Think you can take advantage of me now?
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