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Demons are holding me tight
Loneliness is my medicine
Really, it’s a poison
I’m sipping lightly on it tonight
I haven’t let myself be so low and numb
Now it’s an explosion
I want everyone to leave
Please let me suffer in loneliness
I must confess
I make no progress
I smile to impress
Even when I’m in distress
I am a mess
“Are you lying to yourself?”
“Are you struggling with trusting?”
“Are you pushing things away?”
“Are you letting the depression eat you?”
My answer to these voices in my head is
Tonight the fear has chains on me. The fear always seems to come back and win for awhile no matter how much I fight. I'm tired of fighting.
You say you would give me the world
Well, I don’t need it
Nor, do I want the world
You make me feel like I’m living in a dreamworld
Yet, this is reality
So, I don’t need you to distract me
Just hold me tight
That’s the key
We can face the world together
No matter how bad the weather
I will remain by your side
I love you
**** me or kiss me
You can pull the trigger
You can try to be the bigger man
You won’t make me plea
No, not for death or your touch
I may be in love
But giving in to your plan
That is something I won’t do
You can shove
You can push
You can chew and choke
I don’t break easily
You thought you knew
But you have nothing on me
I’m strong
So, will you **** me
Or shall you give in and kiss me
Everything is temporary
My mansion is temporary
The monsters in my mansion
they might live forever
Not in my mansion but they’ll live in another

I am always wary
For the monster are scary
Isn’t that why we call them monsters?
I have to be clever

They may never get the best of me
I will fight until I die
Whatever, whenever, wherever
They cannot defeat me until I’m dead
I’m not about to let them have that
Pleasure and pain
Love and hate
It’s all in the brain
A thin line between opposites
What is fate?
It plays a role
But you’re the one who controls it
You decide your fate
You choose between love and hate
You control your fate. Fate is just decided by your actions and your outlook on things.
Die with memories
Memories are your stories
Stories of your dreams
Let your dreams become reality
When you die don't die with dreams, die with memories of you achieving your dreams.
My dear houseguest
We have a policy
The simplest
The happiest
A policy of being honest
No burdens of lies

Is that truly wise?
There as many lies as stars in the skies
Some are ties
Holding down you and I
Holding the world together
Holding some trapped
Holding things together

Lies may be evil
They may be wrong
Life is like a song
It’s made of choices
Lies and truth
Choices you have, don’t listen to the voices
You have the choice to tell the truth or to tell a lie. Some lies only create destruction while others hold us together. I didn't believe in lying until it saved my life, but lying has also killed my relationships with people.
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