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esperanza torres Oct 2019
Do you hear that sound?
Thump thump thump...
It’s put me to sleep on many nights
Thump thump thump...
So strong that it calms the wary mind
Thump thump thump...

Held in a special place made for me
Thump thump thump...
Made for me?
Thump thump thump....
Yes, there can’t be another explanation
Thump thump thump...

It’s become my safe place
Thump thump thump...
It’s become my happy place
Thump thump thump...
It’s become my place
Thump thump thump...

Do you hear that?
Thump thump thump...
My very own lullaby
Thump thump thump...
My heart beating in his chest
Thump thump thump...
esperanza torres May 2018
Tell me I’m Damaged
Tell me I’m ****** Up
Tell me I have Baggage
Tell me I have Trust Issues
...Baby tell me something I don’t know
esperanza torres Jul 2016
Someone asked me why was I so nice?
Why did I greet people with a smile?
Why didn't I reply to a nasty comment with an equally nasty comment?

At first I was taken aback with the line of questions.
I couldn't quite grasp the shock in their voice.
Why was being nice such a novelty?

And then it hit me!
Niceness isn't expected anymore,
Compliments are never given anymore without expecting something in return,
Smiles are nonexistent,
And kindness is a thing of the past.

Why am I nice?
In a world full of hate,
Full of fear,
Full of ugliness,
Why am I nice?

Why do I smile at strangers?
In a world where the mean excel,
Where the bullies rule,
Where being bad is applauded,
Why do I still smile at strangers?

Why do I compliment my peers?
In a place where putting people down is winning,
Where we try to compete for beauty,
Where calling someone beautiful or handsome is considered "flirting",
Why do I compliment my peers everyday?

Why don't I reply with hurtful replies when offended?
In an environment where I'm supposed to curse at a peer for doing the same,
Where I'm supposed to yell when being yelled at,
Where I'm supposed to show how hard I am in a very hard world.
Why don't I reply with hurtful words?

It's very simple,
I smile because you don't know who needs to see a smile,
I compliment because i believe that everyone is beautiful,
I'm not hurtful because I know how it feels to be injured with words,
And most importantly,
I'm nice because this world needs a light,
It needs kind words and gestures.
I don't want to feel hate, remorse, or coldness.
I need to stay soft for those who need a soft place to land.

This is why I'm "nice".

-Espe T.
there are worse things than
being alone
but it often takes decades
to realize this
and most often
when you do
it's too late
and there's nothing worse
too late.
esperanza torres Jun 2016
I have no say over you.
What are we?

Always a could have,
Always a should have,
But never a would have.

I can't call you mine,
But I was always yours.

I can't hide under you
When you don't let me inside of you.

What are we?
What were we?
What will we never be?
esperanza torres Jun 2016
Someone once told me that intimacy
Was more than two naked bodies.
It’s two naked souls.

Heart to heart,
Brain to brain,
Soul to soul.

Words aren’t needed.

It’s a connection so deep that it shakes
you to your core.

No, words aren’t needed.

Two naked souls can find
a deeper meaning than two naked bodies.

No boundaries,
No limits,
No restrictions.
Just two souls.
esperanza torres Jun 2016
The one that got away?
The perfect one?
The best thing that ever happened to me?
No such thing!

If they were the ONE..
They wouldn't have gotten away.

The perfect one,
Wouldn't have been replaced

The best thing,
Wouldn't have easily walked away.

No such thing!

The ONE, the best, the perfect girl
Should have been fought for.
Should have been priority.
Should have been IT!

Dont tell me they slipped through your fingers.
Don't tell me they escaped your grasp.
Don't tell me they failed you.

I don't believe that,
If she really was worth loosing then
She wasn't meant for you.

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