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Eshana Jan 7
The blue creeps over the skies, such a harshly lit blue.
The green creeps over the lands, so lush - you'll scarcely see the hidden thorns.

But -
I cannot go back to the blue & the green.

She hangs my thoughts to dry in the yellow -
Her eyes creep along my bodyline, my body lies - my aura denies.

I'm not weak, but my heart needs to shrink.

Written by Eshan de Lange
History repeats itself. But not quite yet.
Eshana Jan 8
Find YOUR word that means happy.

Long for the sound happy would present - a burst perhaps.
Struggle for its sight - no longer inwards - some kind of outWORD.
Oh! How happiness would smell - the scent I sent away.
Touch the word like a torch in the dark -
tighten your torment happily -

Before it floats out of YOUR world, threatening your WORD -

Or choose to remain untroubled in the dark.

Written by Eshan de Lange
Eshana Jan 14
Sister quite contrary -
You wear my clothes in an outline,
I revolt.

A bolt that shuts your cupboard mind, filled with genes I will not consider.

Sips of cider, our eyes spin different scopes.

Sister quite contrary -
Tell me why your jeans sit so tight, your lips so pursed,
Your mind unlike mine.

Written by Eshan de Lange
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