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Jan 14 · 201
Sister Quite Contrary
Eshana Jan 14
Sister quite contrary -
You wear my clothes in an outline,
I revolt.

A bolt that shuts your cupboard mind, filled with genes I will not consider.

Sips of cider, our eyes spin different scopes.

Sister quite contrary -
Tell me why your jeans sit so tight, your lips so pursed,
Your mind unlike mine.

Written by Eshan de Lange
Jan 10 · 54
Words Mislead
Eshana Jan 10
Follow my words into the depth of their disguise -
there's much to read:
aside -
Along the way I hide little bits of me,
My words become me - I know so.
My words mislead you - to know so.
I share the glimpse you misinterpret - the veil that walks my words.

- Written by Eshan de Lange
Jan 8 · 276
Eshana Jan 8
Vlammetjies in jou oë vir my.
Dit brand met liefde wat ek nog nie verstaan nie.

Ons somer verduister in stukkies - stadig oor die klippe sê jy.
Die lug skyn helder, die blou word blouer, vandag die blouste son omdat jy my omring met 'n hitte wat net ek kan voel.

Ek leer jou tipe liefde is gemaak van vlammetjies.
Die hitte, die kleur van die vlam waarna ek hardloop - opsoek
na 'n lewenstyd saam geen ander.

Eshan de Lange
Attempting my first poem in my home language.
Eshana Jan 8
Find YOUR word that means happy.

Long for the sound happy would present - a burst perhaps.
Struggle for its sight - no longer inwards - some kind of outWORD.
Oh! How happiness would smell - the scent I sent away.
Touch the word like a torch in the dark -
tighten your torment happily -

Before it floats out of YOUR world, threatening your WORD -

Or choose to remain untroubled in the dark.

Written by Eshan de Lange
Jan 7 · 351
blue & green creeps
Eshana Jan 7
The blue creeps over the skies, such a harshly lit blue.
The green creeps over the lands, so lush - you'll scarcely see the hidden thorns.

But -
I cannot go back to the blue & the green.

She hangs my thoughts to dry in the yellow -
Her eyes creep along my bodyline, my body lies - my aura denies.

I'm not weak, but my heart needs to shrink.

Written by Eshan de Lange
History repeats itself. But not quite yet.
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