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 Mar 25 Eshana
At blood and water
is the miracle of birth
one in a million
 Mar 20 Eshana
Thomas W Case
Some poems seem to write
I just move the pen.
Others, are like lumps
of clay;
they refuse to be molded;
they need moisture and time.
This one is like
a robin that just learned
to use its wings.
It heads west, on a
gentle breeze, into
a tangerine sky.
 Mar 20 Eshana
Thomas W Case
I watch life float by
like a dragonfly
riding the breeze.
I need to seize the
current like a
brick of gold,
soar ever upward,
above the swamps,
and dead lilies.
Transcendent light blinds
temporarily, but it's
necessary for new sight,
and stronger wings.
 Jan 28 Eshana
rose hopkins
The moon is rising
Full and bright
She sheds her light

O'er the hill
The night's so still

Spangled starlight
Welcomes her
As she takes her place
And begins to stir

Hearts in love

Hearts in love
Who look at her

And she smiles her smile
That only lovers know.
Lovers   moonlight
 Jan 21 Eshana
John Destalo
like the moon
I go through


some of my
lights go out

and I become
dull and distant

give me time
they will come

back on

like the moon
I do not ask

for praise or

it is just a

I am going through
 Jan 19 Eshana
 Jan 19 Eshana
she woke up screaming
windows and china tea cups shattered
she blinked
another nightmare, she recalls

when was the last time she dreamed?
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