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  Jan 12 Eshana
Dr Peter Lim
Love is a conversation incomplete
the unsaid words --they are the most sweet
Eshana Jan 10
Follow my words into the depth of their disguise -
there's much to read:
aside -
Along the way I hide little bits of me,
My words become me - I know so.
My words mislead you - to know so.
I share the glimpse you misinterpret - the veil that walks my words.

- Written by Eshan de Lange
  Jan 8 Eshana
I poured myself
inside your cup
pretended to be tea
your lips pursed to the rim
burning kiss
bile churns
you forgot
I'm made of sins
  Jan 8 Eshana
Carlo C Gomez
Her and higher education:

Those narrow walls

That building
with too many stares

All the talk about climbing
up the flagpole

Just to see
what goes up

And what comes down

It was so much easier
when they just wanted

To carry her books
Note: The placement of stares, and not stairs, is intentional. It is not a typo.
  Jan 8 Eshana
Carlo C Gomez
Not of ancient lore,
or some cross to bear.
But here. But now.
No Prince Charming
at the castle door.
Only her, Miss Damsel herself.
In some paper city,
called Zilch,
where things fall apart fast.
She's trapped in no tower,
but a loft instead.
With tin-foil crown,
she climbs across
the kitchen table
to slay the dragon,
in the flames
of his own black-hearted
A dagger to the heart
of the matter,
and all is quiet again.
Then with a satisfied yawn,
she retires for her afternoon nap.
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