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Eshana Jan 14
Sister quite contrary -
You wear my clothes in an outline,
I revolt.

A bolt that shuts your cupboard mind, filled with genes I will not consider.

Sips of cider, our eyes spin different scopes.

Sister quite contrary -
Tell me why your jeans sit so tight, your lips so pursed,
Your mind unlike mine.

Written by Eshan de Lange
  Jan 12 Eshana
In the quest for the existential
need of nuturing oneself

we dangle in the jungle
by burning candles

it is a super humane thing
drawing ink from another

Secret leaks from
a writer's pen

for we were blind

even keeping
the true devil in mind

sacred to ourselves
as we trip by default
over our own thin lines.
It is good to acknowledge
in reference
A poet who inspired.
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