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Mar 2019 · 128
writing again
eryssi Mar 2019
every moment captured line by line
line by line comes as easy to me as breathing in and out
each and every line, an opportunity to connect

this gnawing, exhausted and angry soul grips my chest
I am barely living with all the passing thoughts
passing thoughts that keep me up at night

putting those thoughts down line by line
helps me find the quiet and peace I need to heal

I am reaching out to you to be vulnerable again
line by line my soul heals
I am so difficult on myself and the poems I write. Cliché, but true, we're our own worst enemies. I get so consumed with the technical parts, criticize myself for not capturing enough imagery... then I just don't write. When I am not writing, I am not working through my thoughts or emotions. I shouldn't consume myself with what other people think and just write.
Oct 2018 · 403
eryssi Oct 2018
We live in societies that create barriers to entry and we wonder why we're all so lonely.
Aug 2018 · 505
heart aches
eryssi Aug 2018
My heart aches for all the tears I wasted for his love.
Jun 2018 · 182
i'm a mess
eryssi Jun 2018
a beautiful,
emotionally intelligent,
Jun 2018 · 3.2k
through the pain
eryssi Jun 2018
Through the pain I find solace
Solace that burns my soul
Calms my racing thoughts

Through the pain I find the truth
Truth that reveals who you are
No mask to hide your smile

Through the pain I find bliss
Bliss that excites my senses
A roaring blaze against my skin

Through the pain I find connection
Connection between our hearts
A rhythm that beats as one
Jun 2018 · 2.9k
eryssi Jun 2018


I have this.
I can do this.

Take it one hit at a time.



Lost in the bliss.
A quiet numbness.
A familiar smile on his face.


With each strike I am free.

I am trembling beneath him.

Jun 2018 · 166
through your eyes
eryssi Jun 2018
I've forgotten what it felt like being with you.
Who I was when I was with you.
The women I flirted with loving through your eyes.
Jun 2018 · 345
eryssi Jun 2018
no shore in sight
kicking away at the waves
crashing against my heart
losing my breath

cold, clammy
desperate for warm touch
the breeze light, yet deliberate
swallows my body whole

deep breaths
lungs shallow and wavering
struggling to catch my breath
I wait

wait for warm touch again
wait for the light in the distance

bones ache
dark clouds extinguish the light out
thunder deep and prolonged in the distance
a menacing, yet familiar sight

no shore in sight
kicking away at the waves
crashing against my heart
losing my breath

— The End —