615 · Jan 2017
Erin Marie Jan 2017

As I sit here,
rooted to the ground
like the trees that surround,
day fades to night
and the sky sheds its color.
I gaze longingly as lovers pass
on the dimly lit
moonlight path,
charged on the energy
they generate together.

As I sit here
waiting for you,
I wonder if we will
ever be like that.
I wonder if you will ever feel
the current I feel
when you're around.
Your smile alone,
sends a spark through me
strong enough to knock me down.
I struggle to stay grounded
next to you.

As I sit here
I wonder when
it will be our turn
to love the fire inside.
To let it out
and show the world
how we burn for each other.

Until then
I will stay rooted here
for you to unearth
the love
we've both been
waiting for..

525 · May 2017
Number twelve.
Erin Marie May 2017

Words mumbled.
Thoughts kept secret.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm fine, I scream
under muffled breath.
I'll get some sleep,
maybe when I'm dead.
But for now
I'm just stuck
in my own head.

485 · Dec 2016
Number eight.
Erin Marie Dec 2016

Falling for you
wasn't gradual.
It was like skipping the
last step in the dark.
There was a moment of panic,
and then you smiled
at me and I knew,
it was too late.

-- Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

478 · Dec 2016
Midnight epiphany
Erin Marie Dec 2016

What odd creatures we are.
We fill our heads with
empty promises of forever,
when even the most precious things,
like time and life itself,
are temporary.

We hope to have forever,
But nothing is ever permanent.
The only thing we can keep
are the blissful memories.

This, my dear,
is all that's left for us.

468 · Nov 2015
There she is
Erin Marie Nov 2015

There she is.
You can see her
Seated just across the room.

You look up at her
From time to time
Just trying to catch a glimpse
Of that particular smile..
The one that most people never see,
Simply because they just don't
Look close enough.

You observe her every move.
Cautious not to be seem
But risking it all anyway,
Because there's something
Almost beautiful about a girl
Who can't see her own beauty.

424 · Dec 2016
I dare you.
Erin Marie Dec 2016

Be careful boy,
behind those pretty blue eyes
is both hope and heart break,
that has eaten men alive.
The things that go on
in her head
are chaotic, yet beautiful.
I dare you
to look deeper,
because if you can handle her,
your life will never
be the same.
She will be your muse,
and your biggest critic.
She will be your little spoon,
and steal your shirts.
But most importantly,
she will show you
that not every love,
is the same.

357 · Nov 2016
Number six.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And I know
that there are moments
when you wish
she was more like

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

343 · Nov 2015
Nothing at all
Erin Marie Nov 2015

You say you see beauty
but all I see are flaws.

You say you see pretty eyes
and a lovely smile.

I look at you with disgust
and say I see nothing at all.

251 · Jun 2017
Number sixteen.
Erin Marie Jun 2017

Why am I
so terrified
of a tomorrow
without you.

243 · Nov 2016
10 words
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And my mind
        always finds its way
                               back to you..

223 · Jun 2017
Number fifteen
Erin Marie Jun 2017

Your words cut
so deep;
Enough to
kill what's left
of the good in me.
I watch you leave,
anxious, helpless,
unable to move.
My teeth
pierce my tongue.
The tears always hurt more
than the taste
of blood.

The thoughts and nervous panic
never prepared me for this.
never prepared me for this.

218 · Jun 2017
Number fourteen
Erin Marie Jun 2017

It's 2am

Shadows dance across the walls
and the floor boards creak under
the weight of the silence.

It's 2am

Sleep eludes me
while my thoughts reel through my mind
like film through a camera.

It's 2am

And the thoughts of you

208 · Dec 2016
Number nine.
Erin Marie Dec 2016

If you want to know
how I feel about you,
just listen to the songs
that I showed you,
that night.
Because the lyrics scream
all the words I can't
seem to say.
I've tried many times but,
the words just won't
escape from my lips,
whenever you're around.
Those songs are
my unwritten love letter
to you, my dear.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage.

198 · Apr 2017
Number ten.
Erin Marie Apr 2017

I decided to take
all the hopeless love
that I have and
color my words with it.
I share it for other
hopeless romantics
like me.

Everyone seems to like
my colorful words
all about you.

188 · Nov 2016
Number four.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

There I sit
turned inside out
for all to see.
I try to hide
the parts of me,
the ones you weren't
supposed to see.
They all stare,
burning holes in me,
like they know this isn't
how it was supposed
to be.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

183 · Apr 2017
Number eleven.
Erin Marie Apr 2017

We are all
just drunk
on the idea of love
and drowning in

172 · Nov 2016
Number one.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And sometimes
you hold me
like I'm the only hope..

you have left.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage.

170 · Dec 2016
Number seven.
Erin Marie Dec 2016

Don't worry,
one day,
you'll get curious
and look me up.
Then you'll wonder
what happened to us.

-- Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

169 · Nov 2016
Number three.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

And your words
are like knives.
With every phrase
you cut deeper into me.
And the pieces I have left
spill out onto the table
for all to see.
I am made of nothing
but twisted organs
and thoughts of you.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage.

146 · Nov 2016
Number two.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

I'm sure that someday
you will decide
that you love me.
On that day, you will feel
an overwhelming sense
of affection and lust.
You will run to me.
But I am afraid that day
will be much too late.
For I have loved you
for far too long, my dear.
By the time you read this,
I will already be long gone.

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

134 · Mar 2016
Erin Marie Mar 2016

I want to love
like I've never been afraid

But I'm always too much
And not enough
At the same time..

128 · May 2017
Erin Marie May 2017

Through eyes half shut
I see you there,
laying just next to me.
I could reach out
and touch you,
And yet you feel like
you are miles away.
Distant and lost.
Somewhere out there,
far away from me.
Or maybe that's just how it seems
because that is where
you want to be.

85 · Apr 2017
Erin Marie Apr 2017

As you brush the strings
of that old guitar,
your acoustic harmonies
catch me in an embrace
that I can't seem
to free myself from.
The feeling surrounds me
and entwined in the composition,
I see you there
wrapped up in a passion
that you can't seem to contain.
Those notes reach out
and wrap around my soul,
pulling me in every direction.

Here we sit,
surrounded by all the chords
bouncing from wall to wall,
entangled in the melody
that is you and I.

78 · May 2017
Number thirteen
73 · Nov 2016
Number five.
Erin Marie Nov 2016

Oh my dear
with those eyes,
so big and bright,
how can you be
so blind?

--Random Thoughts & Whiskey Courage

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66 · Aug 2017
...remind me.
Erin Marie Aug 2017

fall into me.
tug at my soul
and pull it
from my body.
remind me
what it means
to be in love,
to feel sorrow,
...to be human...
...remind me.

— The End —