(20/Male/Margate, South Africa)    Please support African poetry by purchasing this e-book: #ExperimentalWritingAfricaVsLatinaAmerica (C)2016-2017. Phila Dyasi. NuBlaccSoUl™. All rights reserved.
Fredrick Njoroge
(26/Male/Massachusetts)    Hello all, my name is Fredrick, i'm an undergrad college student, I enjoy listening to music, writing poetry and working out.. *ALL POEMS ARE MINE ...
Rebecca Rocker
(Swindon)    Coffee drinker. Story hunter. History enthusiast. Theatre maker. Professional napper.
destiney dawn
Divine Dao
(Love~♡~Imagination~♡~Life)    WELCOME DEAR POETS I'M A POETESS ~ ARTIST Awareness ⭐ Love Poetry is Subtle. I'm writing poetry under: ~ Divine Dao ~ Impeccable Space Poetess ...
Orange Helsfield
(Pennsylvania)    "Man has places in his heart which do not yet exist, and into them enters suffering in order that they may have existence." Leon Bloy
Lily Luty
(Todmorden)    I am a spoken word artist who hails from West Yorkshire. I perform regularly in York and around West Yorkshire, and I won Say Owt ...
Word are the music with which we dance our way into understanding life. See also
Mo Issa
(Lebanon/Ghana)    I love Bukowski, Rumi, Hemingway, Hesse, and Kahlil Gibran. I meditate regularly and run when I can sense the rain coming down. I finally get ...
natalia racha
hey there! I'm just a girl who enjoy expressing my feelings through poem. I hope you like it and forgive me for my poor English ...
Hallucinate BoY
(Bangladesh)    I'm a biologist in my mind and my academic graduation defines me as a biotechnologist; both these states of mind merged me to be a ...
"Trouble on my left, trouble on my right I've been facing trouble almost all my life My sweet love, won't you pull me through? Everywhere ...
Connor Zook
(Michigan)    I'm probably zoned out somewhere, just thinking about everything around me.
(In my thoughts)    Sometimes I vomit up my feelings here. Thanks for reading.

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