Erin Marie Apr 6

We are all
just drunk
on the idea of love
and drowning in

Erin Marie Apr 6

As you brush the strings
of that old guitar,
your acoustic harmonies
catch me in an embrace
that I can't seem
to free myself from.
The feeling surrounds me
and entwined in the composition,
I see you there
wrapped up in a passion
that you can't seem to contain.
Those notes reach out
and wrap around my soul,
pulling me in every direction.

Here we sit,
surrounded by all the chords
bouncing from wall to wall,
entangled in the melody
that is you and I.

Erin Marie Apr 6

I decided to take
all the hopeless love
that I have and
color my words with it.
I share it for other
hopeless romantics
like me.

Everyone seems to like
my colorful words
all about you.

Erin Marie Jan 11

As I sit here,
rooted to the ground
like the trees that surround,
day fades to night
and the sky sheds its color.
I gaze longingly as lovers pass
on the dimly lit
moonlight path,
charged on the energy
they generate together.

As I sit here
waiting for you,
I wonder if we will
ever be like that.
I wonder if you will ever feel
the current I feel
when you're around.
Your smile alone,
sends a spark through me
strong enough to knock me down.
I struggle to stay grounded
next to you.

As I sit here
I wonder when
it will be our turn
to love the fire inside.
To let it out
and show the world
how we burn for each other.

Until then
I will stay rooted here
for you to unearth
the love
we've both been
waiting for..

 Dec 2016 Erin

I remember that night quite well
Went assuming you'd be there
Knowing it would be hell

Nervous shakes, biting lip
Laughs too loud
Daydream trip

I slipped into thought
Forgot where I was
Summer night, boiling hot

Crimson lipstick stained
On my white button up
Smile hiding heart pained

You appear as I hoped
Black shirt and tie
My heart in throat choked

After years of pining
Unrequited love
Was all I was finding

Your dark hair twisted
Light eyes to contrast
I regretfully resisted

No contact at all
Not eye or speech
Yet deeper I fall

Fast-forward still
Later that night
Heat subsides to chill

Lights reflect in my eyes
Strung like pearls on a necklace
And I'm hypnotized

Standing there wishing
Your hand was in mine
Romanticizing, reminiscing

A walk alone in the midnight garden
An open frame of mind
Instead of a heart hardened

It wouldn't have felt so out of place
For me to have met you there
To have a silent and secret embrace

For you, I felt so open
But you never found me there
I had just been hoping

Over the summer
Erin Marie Dec 2016

What odd creatures we are.
We fill our heads with
empty promises of forever,
when even the most precious things,
like time and life itself,
are temporary.

We hope to have forever,
But nothing is ever permanent.
The only thing we can keep
are the blissful memories.

This, my dear,
is all that's left for us.

Erin Marie Dec 2016

Be careful boy,
behind those pretty blue eyes
is both hope and heart break,
that has eaten men alive.
The things that go on
in her head
are chaotic, yet beautiful.
I dare you
to look deeper,
because if you can handle her,
your life will never
be the same.
She will be your muse,
and your biggest critic.
She will be your little spoon,
and steal your shirts.
But most importantly,
she will show you
that not every love,
is the same.

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