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erin haggerty Nov 2013
But all i ever am is true
But all i ever said was the truth
I live with a black cat he follows me daily
I see it in his eyes
I was interrupted by the truth
The reaction of jealousy
And sometimes i beg for it
Noise is too loud
And i drink
I drink but i love it loud
My being is too intense
My power is the magnet repelled
Therefore i show myself
I deserve better
Witching hour
I wish it would snow
erin haggerty Jul 2013
When every other breath was smoke
Sprinkling hiss of night
Copper and blue
Creeking amphibians
Disturb the foggy blithe
What do we not hear
When the time has yet to cease
Unto the darkest shadows of now
Ringing in the buoyancy with
Its epileptic fright
I can't understand the friction
Of old love and fault
When there is no clarity
In the ones i can't combine
I will breathe in my own conviction
By the route of the
Bathwater's wake
erin haggerty Mar 2013
The chandeliers
The tapestries
Our golden curls
And deities
Shift dress and ice cream
Yelllow light and silent gatherings among us
And in circles
The sharks swam around us
Our anger became one
And in this dream our souls
Became symbols
And the sisterly flame
Stirred within
erin haggerty Mar 2013
I am the reincarnation of my mother's murdered spirit trying to rise

Do i go
And where
Moon has led me
To my kin
It is up to which part of me
Who thrives in best intentions
Never unfaithful implications

Let stubbornness subside
Teach in mind of love
New patterns painting plans
So hurtful hands shall never bear
An equal
Or a heart left to let go
erin haggerty Sep 2012
two lovers run blind
through the meadows in the sun
milkweed and clover
breathing fast and just for fun

still it’s cold inside the thoughts
which palpate for tragedy
so we'll speak of heaven in human form
beneath the willow's wishing tree

tell everyone how it hurt
lover, it’s the only way
make sure they know its soft-
the wound you bare for me

i’ll tell them all you tried to swim
but pointed fingers turn to fists for you
in an ocean full of mutiny
the bad man beats the
weak mans blues
erin haggerty Nov 2011
i saw my former love in the shadow of the moon
for a short time my desire ensued
the grass was grey and the dark was night
cold fear and change were evil delights

the ghosts whispered songs to their body’s decay
spirits spoke of words the living could not say
heavenly heartbreak, bittersweet end
i shared my solitude with what i didn’t know then

i felt the books the candle’s read
beneath the bindings were my thoughts all dead
remember your pain if you’re anything like me
write it down and kiss it, then set it free
erin haggerty Oct 2011
foresaken  scalpels
dig close to past lacerations
i think regret did me in long before you
there are pictures in a box
i remember burning
all the ashes ingested like memories through music
youre strong now at my expense
cant say im feeling like coming around
theres a song i used to hear
its to remind us of an end
we write to move on
but im still choking beneath my wound
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